Friday, April 16, 2021

We are our own saviors, and are our own destroyer's.

Our heritage is, we our selves.  Each of us is our own regenerator and savior, and each of us undo the work upon him or her self's which in the past we may have been building. Is it not clear enough that, what we  have is the result of our former lives, and resultant of our thoughts and feelings?  We therefore, make ourselves; we fashion our own characteristics.  This is a commonplace experience within our lives as  human beings.  But just think what it means to grasp it in its fullness.  We can make our lives in which ever way we decide, day to day, and year to year and from life to life; or we can make our lives very ugly; and no one is to blame but we ourselves.  Think how just this is.  We have nobody to blame if we have made ourselves unshapely and ugly and full of sorrow and pain; and their is none to be praised when our lives become shapely and beautiful in symmetry through our own efforts, save we ourselves.  We by thinking, may change his or her's character, which means changing our soul, which means changing our destiny, which means changing everything that we are or can become in the present and in the future.  Way blame the blameless gods for our own faults, for molding us in the patterns that we ourselves have shaped?  This is the surest way to go down instead of going up; for the recognition of truth and of justice and the cognizance of responsibility are the first steps to climbing the path higher.  Think of the mistakes we have made in the past, the wrongs that we have wrought on others and on ourselves.  Only half of that story is what we are responsible for ourselves. 

The other half of the story is what we have done upon others: how we helped to shape their lives in beauty, or to have misshaped their lives in ugliness.  This recognition of our responsibility not only to our selves, but to others, is the lost keynote of modern civilization which seems to be infatuated with the idea that things will run themselves, and that all we have to do is to get what we can from the surrounding atmosphere. This is a hellish doctrine, and whose only outcome can be misery.  Let us realize, that what we sow so shall we reap, and what we reap is the product of what we have sown.  The great consequence of such a realization is that the face of the world's thinking, will have changed.

Each of us will become enormously observant, not only of our acts, which will establish proofs of our thoughts and feelings, but firstly upon ourselves and more importantly, the impact upon others. I believe, it is the lack of this feeling of individual responsibly and also mass responsibility in the world today which is the cause of the many horrors which are growing worse instead of better.  It fosters the belief that violence can right a wrong.  It never can. Violence never has perished by adding violence to it.  No problem ever has been solved after that manner.  It is against the laws of being, against the laws of things as they are.

So what is our human heritage?  Our heritage is we our selves, walking a tight rope of spiritual courage, and self-determination.

                                                   Thank you G. de Purucker.

                                             One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good      

                                                                  Louis DiVirgilio            


Sunday, March 28, 2021

We try to seek the source of our longing, but we fail because we give it expression within the outside world.

Due to the  unreliability of our senses, we are deceived into believing that our outward expressions will  somehow bring us fulfillment.  When these expressions are misrepresented as the cause, a great entanglement appears, not freedom.  The aim of every individual's life energies, weather you realize it or not, is to touch infinity; even though you may be satisfied with where you are, at.  However, your life energies are longing to brake the boundaries set up by your physical and mental structures.  The out come of such decisions is that you start believing that you are a separate and autonomous entity.  

Nothing in the Universe is separate.  It's our psychological and physical content that exposes the myth of separateness.  We are not, by a long shot, the masters of the Universe.  Remember, the effects of karma are still in play, which binds one to the body and determines many aspects about a person.  In truth we, are in a primary and original sense, a chip off the old cosmic block, or as Carl Sagan was found of saying, we are made of  "star stuff."  Our whole being, atom for atom, is intimately tangent and networked throughout the breath of the cosmos.  We are the same "stuff" molded from a cosmic matrix into one of many possible forms.  In other words, we are the embodiment of the cosmos, and the same quality and same conditions as those required to uphold the cosmos are essential to each of us.  Giordano Bruno, a fifteenth century natural philosopher, explains our cosmic connection and relationship in the following manner:  "All things are in the Universe, and the Universe is in all things; we in it and it in us; and therefore, all things concur in perfect harmony."  He continued, "All the differences that we see in bodies is in regard to their form, complexion, constitution, and other properties and relationships, which is nothing more than a different mode of the same substance, the unchangeable and eternal essence in which are all forms, constitutions and members, un-manifest and homogenous."  So, in the whole universe there is a certain relativity of its parts, irrespective of the exact measurements of anyone of its forms.  

We are as musical tones resonating in certain proportional vibrations to one another.  If we keep within the proper proportion we create benefit for all others and for ourselves.  If we violate this harmony in any manner, we bring injury to all others and to ours selves. 

                                  One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

                                                        Louis DiVirgilio

Thursday, March 4, 2021

One general law and one common system of manifest rule throughout the universe.

We humans are the universal composites of all our cosmic elements, and therefore, in truth we are a microcosm, or little world in and of our self, and as such our very thoughts touch the outer limits of the most distant stars, and also with the tiniest of vibrations, touches those distant stars.  All things in universal nature are repetitive in structure and in action .  The small mirrors the great, and the great reproduces itself in the small, for in truth the twain is one.  "Know ye not that we are gods, and that the spirit of the eternal liveth within you."  

You may believe that what we observe about where we are in our present developed behaviors, does not even come close to being god like.  What is more, our witness to our behaviors acknowledge that we chose to  live at the level of the animals, even though we have evolved further then the animals.  We however, cannot be excused because we have evolutionarily surpassed the animal's level of instinct, and as such, have a solid foothold into becoming the highest technological species existing, now on this earth.  There is a caveat, this evolutionary component, although locked in, needs more tweaking, before it can operate at its full capacity; which means more time is needed, and in the mean time there is a steady evolutionary march forward.  Without taking into account the affect evolution plays within our solar system, one great part of our understanding of its mysteries will not readily become available to us: the Universe's time movements are in sink with evolution. 

I know that the above explanation of the working of evolution within Universal Nature seems difficult, but help is on the way.  We shall seek that help by invoking the understandings of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition.  There is an ancient worldview from India that relates a time, millions of years ago, where the gods walked the earth among nascent mankind.  The gods instructed mankind in principles of life, science, and the arts.  Then, when it was time for the gods to leave, they took the highest developed members of mankind and trained them to be in charge of Mystery Schools. The Schools were meant to be crucibles of the cosmic truths taught by the gods to fledgling mankind, and though a strict initiation process were meant to establish a trough of truth to feed evolving mankind. Some of the truths have been, over the millennia, let out through master teachers, especially in periods of darkness, to act as beacons of light for struggling mankind.  Some of the truths remain within the Mystery Schools , and even today, are to be let out as necessary, to aid humans to unfold their spiritual evolution.  When studied comparatively and comprehensively, the truths or the various teachings that have been let out compose the basis for understanding the origin, nature, purpose, and destiny of our lives. 

The Ancient Wisdom Tradition breaks down the universal movements of evolution into a series of  Seven Rounds; for clarity it helps to think of a circle where the apex of the circle is at Round One, moving downward, clockwise. In each round there is a series of evolutionary movements of durations, lasting from millions to billions of years.  Within the evolutionary movement there is a certain quality of manifestations directed by, what are called spiritual monads; there are many monads, each monad moves with its variant acts of  its own destiny in accordance with its own inmost character, but nevertheless must obey the architectural plan of the divine ideation.  In Round Two, the evolutionary movements of durations are followed, and its own destiny with its own inmost character is manifested, but since the movement is downward, the material quality of the motion has a greater affect towards its material aspect.  In Round Three, its trajectory is still downwards, but the quality if its downward movement is beginning to collapse, and its  spiritual side or light side is beginning to expand.  When Round Four opens up, the spiritual and its evolutionary ascension begins to overlap the material side, with its trajectory now moving upward.  Round Five, with its foothold still into the material side, the upward evolutionary movement is beginning to over take the material side.  Now there is a greater evolutionary movement spiritually.  In Round Six, the evolutionary movements have flipped over the material side, and now has fully expressed the spiritual side.  In the Seventh Round, the spiritual side has completely taken over the material side, fulfilling its finial evolutionary act.  Now, within the accordance of Universal Nature, it falls into what is called a, Pralaya; a state of rest, between two life-cycles. After the Pralaya, begins a new Seven Round movement, only this time on a higher spiritual level.

      Some thoughts from G. de Purucker, a Theosophist.  "The great lost cord of modern civilization is forgetfulness of the fact in nature of universal brotherhood, which means not merely a sentimental or political brotherhood; it means that we are all of one common cosmic or spiritual origin, and that what affects one affects all, and therefore that the interests of the unit are insignificant as compared with the interests of of the multitudes."

                                               One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good. 

                                                                      Louis DiVirgilio                                     







Saturday, January 30, 2021

"The world is too much with us. Getting and spending we lay waste all our powers, little we see in nature that is ours." "William Wordsworth"

Most of our living is at the level of our solar plexus.  This level of living coincides with our senses: seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling, and tasting.  The trouble with our senses is that they are not reliable. For example, it is dusk and you are walking, your eyes see something coiled, your senses say it is a snake.  However, the truth is, it is a coiled hose.  Its not that all our senses deceive us, they do however, lack the consciousness to discern fully, and at the same time you might say there is a quality of ignorance about them.  Our senses do however, provide us with the capacity to maneuver effectively about our lower levels of  our lives, that is "the getting and spending" part, but at the same time, negatively disassociates us with Nature. 

The Buddhist keep the relationship between the, lower material aspects of our lives, and the spiritual part,  by simply dividing the outcome of living a material based life, against the higher spiritual. The basic difference is that a strict material, "getting and spending" lived life, brings suffering, while the spiritual lived life brings happiness.  Most people, if asked which they would prefer, would chose happiness.  However, our "getting and spending" way of life has been praised, culturally excepted, and built into the perceived best practice of life to emulate. It has been praised so positively, that it has become a compulsion, to the point that we cannot control it, it controls us.   Compulsion is cyclical, and loops us, so that the more we use it the stronger it becomes, and the more difficult it becomes to brake free. 

The spiritual aspect of our lives is always with us, but becomes veiled and restricted by the "getting and spending" of the material side of us, causing us to live on the lower levels of life, while grooming us for even greater down word slides.  The result is a blocking of our hearts, and the unensouling of our self.  This disconnect, is our own making, and the finger of responsibility points directly at us. 

What we forgot to install in our life is that we have an innate capacity for self-determination.  Viktor E. Frankl, an immanent psychiatrist, and survivor of Nazi death camps at Auschwitz and Dachau, says, "...Man is not fully conditioned and determined, but rather determines himself whether he gives into conditions or stands up to them.  In other words, man is ultimately self-determined.  Man does not simply exist but always decides what his existence will be, what he will become in the next moment." 

Let  us extend self-determination to include the determinate effect of the immediate Universe.  This link to the Universe my seem surreal to the solar plexuses level we are accustom to be living at, but you may be surprised to find, we are in fact: born of the moon, children of the sun, off spring of the stars, and inheritors of the cosmic spaces...we and the universe are in essence not twain but one. Truly, we all are wondrously fashioned by the elements of the Universe: earth, water, wind, fire, akash or some say ether. 

Our inherit connection to the Universe is not haphazard, we are it's inheritors, it's children, in all aspects of our commingled lives.  We are looked after with the greatest of love and compassion, just as our earth parents looks after us.  Because we live at a lower, evolutionary level then the harbingers of the celestial realms, our habits of life are not as virtuous and solidified as are the celestial beings.  However, with self-determination and relentless application in following the right thing to do, we will rise higher, and higher, to take our place with the celestial divinities in their cosmic labor.  

                                              One truth, many paths.   Be good, do good.  

                                                                   Louis DiVirgilio              




Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Duel Nature of Human Nature

The moment we decide to enter upon the path of spiritual realization we are enlisting in a great war, between ourselves and ourselves.  Than, once we the discovery that our human nature is dual, and that a battle is ever going on between our higher self and our lower self, we began to realize, that of all battles, this is the most fearsome and terrible.  

What is so fearsome, is that we do battle with opposing aspects of our selves-the light side and the dark side, and conflict comes not only from outside sources, but also from habits of mind, laden with deep and powerful emotions, caused by experiences from both this and past lives.  All these kindred aspects of ourselves confront and attack in a rapid, and continuous succession.  

As we enter the battle field within ourselves, we call forth and analyze our life purpose, our motives, taking courage to compare wrong things with the right things.  There sitting nose to nose with our truth, we do battle with our lower nature, and by subduing pain and pleasure, by unbending faith in our higher self,  we secure sacred wisdom.  Then we can wheel our sword of wisdom, and slash through the world of illusion to gain freedom from our own mortality.

                                                One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.
                                                                    Louis DiVirgilio

Monday, December 7, 2020

The Wisdom Tree: A Christmas Story


Chris Martin was driving home from his work place earlier than usual. Usually he would leave his work about 4:30 pm, but this day he had left at 12, noon.  It was Christmas Eve, however that fact had little to do with Chris’s early departure.

Chris had arrived at his job on time, at 8:00am.  Out of the ten years he worked for the company, he was late only twice.  Once when his wife Elizabeth gave birth to their son Danial, and another when a record snow storm dumped 27 inches of the light and fluffy.  To say he was a responsible and dedicated employee, would be an understatement, for he was that and much more. 

There was a mood of excitement vibrating in the office.  Everyone seemed to be anticipating the festivities of Christmas Eve, and anxious to have at it. The din of excited voices was a background for the spirited activity going on:  people were laughing and talking with great animation, exchanging gifts, eating cookies and candy, drinking eggnog and hot apple-cider, singing Christmas Carols, and some of the men were stealth fully maneuvering the attractive women under the mistletoe to steal a kiss.

Chris too, was caught up in the festive excitement and anticipation of the morning.  After work he was to meet his wife and his children, Daniel and Lisa, at his in-laws house.  Of all the delightful experiences of the Christmas Season, Chris enjoyed this get-together most.  Every Christmas Eve for the past fifteen years, Elizabeth’s parents would graciously host a wonderful dinner, followed by the playing of Christmas Carols on the piano with the accompaniment of the guest’s voices, and then the opening of gifts.

Chris was standing at the work station of his friend Joe, talking with several other office workers.  He asked Joe, “Have you seen Stan.”  Stan was Chris’s best friend at the office and his immediate supervisor.  Joe answer, “No! I haven’t seen him this morning.  He’s missing all the fun.  Maybe he got caught by one of the big wigs, and had to do some butt kissing.”  Chris looked at his watch, 11:00am.  He needed several hours to put the finishing touches on a project that was dead-lined for today.  As he walked to his desk, Chris wondered why Stan wasn’t in the office.  It wasn’t like Stan to miss out on all the fun.

Chris sat at his desk and turned on the computer.  On the screen was a pulsating message, “you got mail:” he pulled up the message.  It was a memo from Walter Becker, the Vice President of Human Resources, to all the employees of the Department of Engineering Support.   It said, “Due to a decision made by the Board of Directors, and in keeping with company policy of “expense leanness,” the Dept. of Engineering Support has been terminated, as of Jan. 1, 2000.  All employees of said department must vacate their work stations by close of the work day on Dec. 31. 1999.  All holiday pay and any vacation pay will be paid in full.  Please check with payroll for further questions or details. 

This is strictly a business decision, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the overall performance of the Dept. or any of its workers.  The Dept. has performed excellently over the years.

Human Resources is open to you if you need help in finding new employment or to foreword references.”

                                            “Happy Holidays!”


This memo was in direct violation of the idea of human resources, and its intent was decidedly mean spirited and hypocritical, regardless of its undertone of apology and guilt.  A sociopath seeking his heart’s desire would have acted in a similar manner.  Bing told the decision was strictly business and that nothing personal was involved, puts me in mind of scenes in gangster movies, where the Mafia Hitman tells his victim, just before he murders him, “Nothing personal, just business.”  Chris found no comfort or relief in those words because the economic foundation for him and his family had been shattered by the contents of that memo.

Chris printed out a copy of the memo, and with it in hand immediately walked to Stan’s office.  He was in such a state of shock and bewilderment that he didn’t notice the uproar in the office.  The festive mood had changed to one of discord.  Of the 50 people that made up the department, most of the woman were sobbing uncontrollably, and the others were angrily shouting and moving about in great agitation. 

Stan was not in his office.  Chris, for some strange reason needed verification of this shocking state of affairs, so he went upstairs in order to speak with Walter Becker.  The receptionist recognized Chris as being a worker from the Dept. of Engineering Support and immediately became uneasy.  “I am sorry,” she said, Mr. Becker is not in his office.  Would you like to leave a message?”  Chris in a demanding voice asked, “Where did he go?”  She kept her head down so as not to be able to look into Chris’s eyes, “He is at the annual, executive Christmas party, at the downtown Hilton.  He will not be in his office until Monday.”  Chris quickly turned away without saying another word, and walked to the elevator.  His original shock and bewilderment was now turned up a notch, but still feeling the need for verification, pressed the elevator button for the basement.  Chris had remembered that Stan occasionally used a vacant maintenance room in the basement when he wanted to, “Get away from it all.”

Chris walked off the elevator towards the maintenance room, still clutching the copy of the memo in his hand.  He pushed open the door, and there sat Stan.  Stan was sitting on a chair propped against a blank wall. The back of his head was against the wall, and his eyes were gazing on an invisible spot on the blank wall in front of him.  Chris walked into the small room and paused, then pointing to the memo in his hand and said, “Do you know about this memo?”  Stan like the receptionist, averted looking at Chris eyes, while he answered, “Yes.”  Chris let out with a series of questions all at once:  “What the hell is going on?”  “What are you going to do?  How could they be so cold, especially on Christmas Eve?  Did you know about this before today?  Is it true?”  Stan bent forward, laying his head in both of his hands, saying nothing.  Looking intently at Stan waiting for an answer, Chris suddenly understood the truth.  With an accusatory tone he said, “You knew all along; didn’t you?  How long have you known Stan, two weeks, two months, two years; how long Stan?”  Stan was silent.  Chris continued, “They didn’t terminate you, did they Stan?  All that ass kissing and carousing with Becker finally payed off.  That is way you weren’t in your office this morning, and way you were cowering down here like Judas.  You probably even helped them collect data that was used to justify terminating the Department.  They probably promised you a raise and a promotion; right Stan?”  Stan lifted his head from his hands and turned towards Chris and said, “The whole think was completely out of my hands.  I couldn’t do anything about it.  There were inefficiencies.”  Stunned by the realizations of Stan’s betrayal, Chris said, “I thought you were my friend.  You should have told me.  Hell! You should have told us all.  You betrayed our friendship.” Chris crumpled up the memo in his hand and threw it at Stan, then walked away in silent gloom.  Chris returned to the office only to fine that it was empty.  He walked to his work station, put on his coat and left.

Chris’s initial shock and bewilderment, morphed into continuous, inner dialog of negative thoughts and emotions: ‘What is going to happen to my family?  There is the mortgage payment, car payment, insurance, monthly household expenses, Lisa’s dance class, Danial’s hockey program.  How will we ever make it?  I should have seen this coming.  I should have made plans?  How am I going to tell Elizabeth?  We will have to give up all we worked so hard for.’  Chris’s mind was quickly moving into deep despair and hopelessness as he drove home.                                                                                                         

His imagination filled his mind with the direst of scenarios, as he pulled into his driveway.  He knew that Elizabeth and the children were at his in-law’s home helping prepare the dinner. 

Although relieved at not having to tell bad news to his family, Chris was unable to quell his anxiety.  His anxiety penetrated so deep that it started a contraction that radiated through his entire body; even being in his own house was not enough to bring him repose.  Chris moved around his house like a man in a room with rattlesnakes.  For no apparent reason, he picked up his winter boots, sat down and put them on.  Next put on his parka, pulled a wool hat over his head, picked up his gloves, and walked out of the house.  He had no idea where he was going, just started walked.

The snow squeaked under his boots. He was moving like a man that was being chased, not by some menacing form, but by his own fears, doubts, and anxiety.  He turn right, heading towards the state park that abutted his property.  The park was a wetland reserve, interwoven with springs, large standing ponds, and walking and biking trails.

Chris was very familiar with this area.  He and his family had spent many pleasant hours hiking through the park. Chris entered the park from its west side and immediately descended into a valley.  The walking trails had been cleared of snow, making the going fairly easy.  Chris paused, looked around, and noticed a tree so tall it stood towering over all the other trees.  He wondered why he hadn’t noticed it before now.  It seemed to be a mile or so away and to the south.  He followed a trail with his eyes that led in the direction of the tree.  He turned right, and began walking on the trail which lead in the direction of the large tree.

After three-quarters of a mile, the trail took an abrupt turn towards the east, leading away from the tree.  If Chris wanted to continue his quest for the tree, he would have to make a quarter mile path of his own, trudging through light snow of about a foot deep.  He paused at this jointure, looked at the trail east, than to the tree, measuring the effort needed.  With watering eyes and smoking breath, he began a high stepping march to the tree.

Chris finally reached the tree, and with sweating brow and heaving chest began to survey it.  The tree was about eighty or ninety feet high.  Its diameter was about eight feet.  It was an old Cottonwood.  Chris took off his right glove and felt the tree’s thick, craggy bark.   Along the north side of the tree and running west to east was a spring fed creek, mostly frozen, save for trickles of running water here and there, where the rays of the sun hit.  Chris started to walk around the base of the tree.  As he moved towards its back side, noticed a small alcove formed by jetting roots.  It seemed the perfect place to sit down.  Strange as it may seem, Chris thought the tree had somehow, actually invited him to sit there; so he did.  The tree that Chris decided to sit under was a Wisdom Tree.  This was not some exotic species of North American tree, but a tree that has over the many years, self-initiated its self into wisdom.  All trees have the capacity to become a Wisdom Tree, but because of the long effort needed to attain such status, most fall short of the mark. 

What is needed to become a Wisdom Tree is an unbending desire to help others; to sacrifice your life, if necessary, for the sake of someone else.  This is no small task, only those of the strongest character can endure the everyday trials and tribulations, necessary to gain the highest degree of tree sentience.  Chris had the good fortune to be sitting under the most wondrous and extraordinary tree of all, a Wisdom Tree.

Chris sat under the Wisdom Tree with his legs crossed, Indian style, and gently leaning back his shoulders and head against the tree, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and began to exhale slowly.  He opened eyes, and to his surprise, found that he now was standing inside a large cave.  There was no light source that he could find, but the entire cave was brilliantly lit.  He surveyed the cave until his eyes encountered a most, unusual sight.  To his right was a man dressed in a white robe, levitating, one foot off the cave floor, and completely engulfed in a flame.  This tongue of fire would change colors, from white to red, to orange, to pink, to green, to blue, to gold, to yellow, and continued to change, in what seemed to Chris to be a random sequence.  Whenever the flame was red or orange or pink, Chris felt its heat, as the flame change from red to green, blue or purple, Chris felt its chilling effect.  The man in the white robe, seemed to undisturbed by the flame and its color change.  His demeanor never varied.  Levitating above the ground completely encircled by flame or drinking a cup tea, it was all the same to the man in the white robe.

To Chris’s left, on the floor of the cave, was a mound of the most exquisite uncut, gem stones, gold and silver jewelry studded with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, heaps of gold and silver coins, goblets, thick bracelets and rings.  Chris’s mouth was wide open with awe, as his eyes fixated on that mound of splendor.  This was the proverbial “king’s ransom.” It’s worth would have to be calculated in terms of zillions of dollars.  Chris thought, ‘just one of these stones could immediately solve my current problems, and bring economic security to my family for the rest of our lives.’ Chris’s fixation on the mound of treasure broke, and his perception expanded to include both the man in the white robe and the treasure mound.  Although the man in the white robe’s sphinx like expression had not changed, he had somehow communicated with Chris.  Chris understood that the man in the white robe had given him a clear choice.  Chris could either take whatever he desired from the mound of treasure or join the man in the white robe standing in the flame.  Chris understood that the mound of treasure was not an illusion, and that whatever he decided to take from the treasure would be in fact be real.  Chris thought, ‘this is a no brainer,’ and with glee, started moving to his left to pack his pockets with treasurer, then paused.  Looking at the man in the white robe, Chris began to wonder, ‘What strange and wonderful powers does this man possess?’  He seems completely content, and not at all disturbed about having access to or giving up all that wealth.’  He wondered, ‘if I join him, will I too know peace and contentment? ‘that flame doesn’t consume the man in the white robe, but I feel its heat and coolness.  If I join him, will I be consumed by the flame?’  Chris felt two separate desires operating within him at the same time.  One was actually moving him in the direction to join the man in the white robe, the other saying, ‘No take the treasure.’  The desire to join the man in the white robe came from a much deeper part of Chris’s mind, and against his own opposition, Chris joined the man in the white robe. 

Chris entered the flame, and became so stimulated that he thought that he wouldn’t be able to stand it.  The stimulation was so intense and so exciting that it was like experiencing extreme pain.  It was like having every nerve in your body pulled out, then reconnected to a higher voltage, or a better analogy might be, like jumping into Lake Superior up to your neck, in November.  As the stimulation waned, Chris became calm, more than that, he became peaceful.  He felt great emotional security.  He know, somehow, he belonged there.  It was like coming home from a long voyage.  He felt loved, but not in any way that he had previously known.  He not only felt this complete love, but began to consciously radiate it back out through his heart.  His mind was crystal clear, like some kind of thought laser had cut out the superfluous, leaving only that which was most relevant. Chris understood that the loss of his job was, not a separate problem; that all things came out of this big, crystal clear mind, and that he hadn’t lost anything.  He had created his previous job out of his own mind’s effort, and he could create another job situation.   He understood that his life, his destiny was the result of his thoughts and actions, and if he changed his thoughts and actions he would change his destiny. 

Chris felt so peaceful, so contented, so loved that he wanted to stand next to the man in the white robe forever.  In an act of conscious surrender to this peace, Chris slowly closed his eyes.  When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find himself sitting under the Wisdom Tree.  The sudden reappearance under the tree, startled him, but was quickly over taken by a wild excitement.  It was like Scrooge’s excitement, after he realized he wasn’t dead, and had time to mend his ways.  Chris jumper to his feet, patted the Wisdom Tree’s bark, thanking it loudly many times, and now being relieved of his mental burdens, ran like a wild man home.  Chris burst through the door, and left a trail of gloves, hat, boots, and coat, as he ran into his house.  While in the living room he looked at the clock, it showed 6:00 pm.  He put his tornadic excitement in neutral, as he surprisingly thought, ‘I must have been gone for at least 5, hours.’   Now realizing that he was late for the dinner at his in-laws, put himself back into high gear.  While speeding to get dressed, he heard the beep, beep, of the answering machine.  He pressed the answering machine on, he heard, “Chris this is Jim Winthrop.  I found out through Stan, that you lost your job today.  I want to offer you a job in my company.  We are a small business that is in the process of expanding.  We need good people to help us grow, and I know you are the kind of person we are looking for.  If you are interested phone me after Christmas.    My number at work is, 989-6242.  Merry Christmas!” 

After hearing the message, Chris was awe struck.  It was like someone waved a magic wand, and turned all of his wishes into reality.  He flashed back to the cave and his experience with the man in the white robe.  He smiled, and thought, ‘big crystal mind and faith, could there be any doubt?’  Now that he had some time to reflect on his experience with the man in the white robe, Chris recollected that the man in the white robe seemed familiar.  Chris was sure that he knew the man in the white robe, but try as he may was unable to place were it was that he had known him. Chris came out of his reflection, and once again began to ready himself for the Christmas dinner party.  He was anxious to be with his family. 

Chris had a wonderful time with his family at the Christmas dinner.  In point of fact in was the best Christmas ever.  He told his wife and children of the experiences he had had that day.  They were all very grateful and happy by the satisfactory outcome.

Chris did return Jim Winthrop’s phone call and accepted the job offer, and at a substantially higher rate of pay. ‘Could there be any doubt’?


Have a wonderful holiday season, and may the light of the New Year bring fulfillment to all your aspirations.  And oh! Who do you think the man in the white robe is? 


                                One truth, many paths.   Be good, do good.


                                                           Louis DiVirgilio    




Thursday, November 12, 2020

Being is not a fixed state

As human beings living within our current evolutionary times, we ride along on the waves of our  immediate conditions and circumstances, and infuse our self's with all the social, and cultural activities that conform to the ideal of the times.  We begin to incorporate these cultural ideals into the very fabric of our lives, and relate to them as real fixtures of our being.  We also begin to unconditionally ride these ideas as a way to build up our life capacities, strategies, and even our characteristics.  These ideas bring forth enormous power on behalf of our cultural, current understandings: for instance, the spread of religious understandings, the ready acceptance of philosophical principles, the growth of political fads, and the effigies of science, are all examples of the manner in which we may be torn from our moral moorings by these ideas sweeping over our minds and overwhelming both our willpower and our sense of moral responsibility. What is more, our resolve to move within truth, deteriorates, and we begin to live our lives on lower levels, and what is worse, we let ourselves become compulsive, recycling our behaviors over and over, until we lose control, and now instead of, we controlling our compulsions, our compulsions are now controlling us.  

We have forged ourselves into a neck brace of barriers, thinking that these barriers, will keep us safe, and directly in tune with the standards of the cultural norms.  However, being is not a fixed state, and as we remain tied up feeling the tug upon our neck, we begin to sense that we slowly have become a mystery to our self.  The only way out of this predicament is moving and living inward.  We must realize, that being preoccupied by fixing our outer conditions, trying to make everything okay on the outside, is a recipe for failure. Our human body houses the most sophisticated technology on the planet, but because we waste our time trying to fix every thing from the outside, we cannot find where the key board is.  The key board is where it has always been, inside

Everything that has ever happened to you, you experience within you.  Lets us do a little experiment. Put your hands down on your thighs, now take an inhalation, pay attention to your inhalation.  Now flip your hands over with your palms up, pay attention to your inhalation.  Can you tell the difference between hands down inhalation and hands up inhalation?  The hands down inhalation needs more air then the hands up inhalation.  Lets try another experiment.  Its a hot, sticky summer day, you are sitting in the shade when a mosquito lands on your arm and digges his proboscis into it, you feel the sting.  How do you feel the sting, outside of your skin, or the inside mechanism of your body making an adjustment for the feeling of the sting. Lets take another example of your body's ability to process its reaction to its digestion and elimination processing, a formable undertaking, yet this body of yours responds, 24/7, every day and night of your life, monitoring an appropriate respond.  Even the most subtle change prompts a specific, swift reaction from the body.  Hopefully you can now begin to understand that all the sensations you feel, are the direct result of the masterful operations of the technology within your body.

You might ask, "Where does this marvaless innovation come from?"  "Who designed this technology?" Your answer to this question is probably God, but the idea of an all powerful, singular god is not expansive enough to fulfill the comprehensive nature of the entire universe, and that is why it is necessary for us to recognize our spiritual connection to the Universe because, surprise, surprise, we and the Universe are one; we in it, and it in us.  There are a hierarchy of spiritual beings supporting the length and breath of the entire Universe.  It is the lack of recognition of our essential one-ness in our spiritual origin that disturbs our understanding, and keeps us from our spiritual coupling.  We must shift our desires and actions to ethics and morals if we want to comply with the strict laws of the universe,  because they are the rules of harmony in and in all conduct, copying the harmony prevailing in the cosmic spaces.  All that we need to do is to understand those laws, to realize them in our hearts, to take them into our consciousness; for then we shall be able consciously to follow the fundamental operations of the universal life, because we are in intellectual touch with those harmonies.

  It is an inner spirk of spiritual light in humans and in all beings, that furnishes and has furnished the evolutionary urge towards producing ever fitter vehicles of self-expression.

                                          One truth, many paths.     Be good, do good.                                          

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio