Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The curse of dogma.

The philosophy of life accepted by the majority has constantly led us from our noblest possibilities.  We eat and sleep and suffer and die in our brain-minds and the lower and unreal portion of our selves, and keeps the chambers of the soul with doors locked against our own entrance. 

Look at the faces in the street, the general aspect of humanity in public places: they are beginning to fear death; the thought of death is with them always.  Fear is in our blood and it will be in the blood of our descendants.  Our young men grow old before they have been young, and our woman are bowed down and joyless.  We are limited in our intellect and heart-life and physically where many should be giants, they are now apologies for men----and all because down the though the centuries we have been presented with-half truths only.  The great and universal truths about life have been hidden away under forms and ceremonies and reasoning and argument and expectancy and faith, till we no longer know where we are.    

They borrow their opinions from outside sources and ignore the divinity sleeping within themselves.  Appearances pass for truth, the letter is preferred to spirit wile they are relying on their false righteousness.  

We hunger and thirst for the surface of things and will never rest long enough in the chambers of our souls, often taking no step forward in things spiritual because our minds are so immersed in books, often burdened with a kind of scholarship that tears out the heart of humanity, and explains the universe and all that therein is from the standpoint of matter and the brain-mind alone.  Even if we read and studied millions of books and had the greatest of teachers to instruct us, we would find no truth until we believed in our inner selves and that, being human, we are more than human---greater than the world imagines or than dogmas and creeds allow---because there is within us that which is capable of absolute knowledge and may not stop, without self-degradation, at faith. 

Many who desire truth are yet unwilling to give up for its sake any of their mental encumbrances that bear no relation to truth; preconceived notions lingering in the halls of their memory, opinions born of their own whims or the psychological influence of their neighbors' minds or the books they read or their environment, the conventional views they absorbed through their education when they were taught to accept cant phrases as substitutes for vital realities.

Consider the injunction that we should love our neighbors as ourselves.  We read it glibly in church on Sundays and repeat it with a certain vanity in the repetition, but what have we of it in our daily life?  Conventional phrases expressive of politeness and a conventional attitude of goodwill; lip-worn platitudes, in respect to which whoever violates normal usage is accounted rude and unfriendly.  It never or rarely occurs to us that talking about feelings loving our neighbor as our selves, unless real feeling capable of dominating our lives and actions lies behind the words, is all a vain repetition---lip service, cant, and even hypocrisy.  

No man or woman can walk in the light until they have freed themselves of superficiality.  The human mind must achieve its independence, stepping out and standing for greater things than mere societies slogans.  As long as we are unfocused and our thinking is all with the ideas of old religious systems, so long will it be impossible for us to understand the real nature of our humanity because the essentials for such an understanding lie all within our divine higher self, in the inmost sanctuary of live.

                   Thank you Katherine Tingley  One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

                                                                Louis DiVirgilio

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Natives of eternity.

We know humans are religious by nature.  Every human being, even the lowest, has tendencies towards religion because all are sprung from a divine source.   Whatever the mind or even the life of us may be, the god is still sleeping within.  The basic knowledge that we are essentially divine can solve all the problems that have vexed us or our forefathers before us; by it, humanity may be lifted out of all its despair and limitations. The thought that springs from it immediately is that our evolution is in our own hands to create and direct, that our salvation can only come from ourselves and through our own efforts.  One has but to evoke one's own higher nature, perceiving and recognizing the resources of the god within one's being, and the response will come as surely as the rising of tomorrow's sun.  Was it not said the kingdom of heaven should be found within our selves?

We are wonder-seekers; the mind is curious and tends to reach after what is unknown and far away, so we set our thoughts and hopes upon remote regions, a point in space beyond the stars.  But we are not led to our highest duty by what excites in us the love of the marvelous.  Was it not the heart, in the chamber of the heart---there and there only that the kingdom of heaven might be discovered?  

Forms and creeds and dogmas can but obscure the light within.  As long as the mind is led by them---no matter how high the principles they may seem to inculcate it cannot but miss seeing at least one half of the meaning of life, it cannot but be put off with half truths and be deaf to the in voice. There can be no glory nor inspiration in the life: the soul like a lonely wonderer will go on seeking to touch the mind to growth and the life to nobler standers of character.  It will go on to flood the conscious self, the whole personality, with the fullness and grandeur of its power---and seeking in vain.  That is why humanity is drifting out now into the seas of unrest, and why the shadows overwhelm us and our sight cannot penetrate them: we do not understand ourselves.  

And know all antiquated theories are being overturned, customs and beliefs are being abandoned.  There is some force at work in the world today that compels us to acknowledge the poverty of our religious life and thought.  Before the World War (1914-1928) a large portion of humanity was half asleep.  Those of dogmatic faiths were complacently satisfied with their religion, but now we find ourselves everywhere stirred with a new unrest: the faith that seemed so abiding holds no such absolute sway now. Dogma and creeds are dying slowly, and there is such depletion in church attendance that the clergy every were are alarmed.  Why?  Because humanity is starving for the bread of life and can take no religion  more of the wretched husks that have doled out to it for centuries. 

The fact is that we are essentially divine, born to evolve.  That is what we are here for, and not to sit negative under a burden of errors.  The possibilities of human nature are not limited and is not difficult to discover truth if we only look for it unbiasedly.  But we must be without preconceived notions , we must have no belief in a personal God or that we live but one life on earth, for such ideas as these  cripple the mind and are bound to generate fear and unrest.  To find that infinity within us, we must start upon the quest aright, having forever prevent our realizing the goal.  

True religion can function only through the inner nature: only through it can we realize the relationship between us and the universe and deity.  Therefore he who is wise will clear his mind of dogma and let the soul sweep in on him as the tides cover the shore; that for things as they are, and with eyes concentrated on the inward life, he may have sight of the inner beauty; that he may have sight of the soul growing and evolving living as naturally as the flowers do; that the interior life of humanity, from which all our hopes, aspirations, and ideals come, may express itself through him as simply and perfectly as the beauty of a rose is expressed through its form and color and perfume. 

For we are warriors of the universal law to do battle superbly for the spiritual manifestation of we ourselves, that these cloudy things which prey upon the mind may be dispelled by the sun that makes all things clear; by the light of the soul, the illumination of the higher self, the eternal spiritual shinning of our own inward divinity.  What we see of humanity, even at its best. but the shadow of the real thing which unmanifest and forever striving towards manifestation, and this is the higher, the immortal part of us. 



Monday, September 27, 2021

Shifting of our center of consciousness.

The world is approaching the time when it realizes that the only way in which we can save ourselves is  by just being conscious every day in every way, and not by preaching --- whether it be preaching politics or philosophy or religion.  Politics, at lest such as we understand it today, will vanish away as an illusion, and the great secret mysteries that lie there: love and brotherhood and sisterhood, compassion and peace;  these are the great things that should come to the world, for the world's benefit.  After all is examined, it is ideas that rule the world; it is precisely because people misthink and wrongly suppose that money or property is a thing in itself of absolute value, and that politics is a thing in and of its self of absolute value, and that these feeble instruments and products of human endeavor have their grip on humans and wield their sway over human hearts. Let us then change our ideas, and follow ideas which are composite of good ideas, based on universal brotherhood ideas and sisterhood ideas of intrinsic moral beauty of spiritual and intellectual grandeur, ideas which in time will bring about a confraternity not only of the peoples of the earth, but of all the smaller social units that go to make up a nation.  Then, with these ideas permeating our consciousness, we shall not need to bother about politics and the rights or nonrights of private property.  The world of humans will then run as easily and smoothly as a well-ordered mechanism; and we shall have happiness and peace all over our globe. 

This is not the pipe dream of a vaguely visioning and idealistic dreamer.  It is an actuality which can be put into practical operation simply by a reorienting of our thinking and of our feeling of new standards of human conduct; and in such a new world men and woman will be judged not only by what they do or produce, but by what they think, because thoughts of brotherly and human benevolence will be carried into constructive action.  They will then not be judged by what they have or own.  Property will not be the standard of righteousness nor of the proprieties.  

We must shift our moral center of gravity to ethics where it rightly and truly belongs, and away from property where it has been falsely placed during the last few thousand years because of unfortunate  contributing historical causes.  It is easier far to make such shift of values to their natural, proper, and therefor legitimate sphere, than continue being involved through centuries of the future in struggles of an international or internecine character with their bitter animosities and unforgetting hatreds, their dislocations of social and political life and the consequent misery weighing so heavily upon us all.  There is not a single logical or reasonable argument to be urged against this shifting of our center of consciousness---except in the lose of ignorance, prejudice, and dense human stupidity, due to the  inertia brought about by this sleepiness and our empty disbelief in our own powers to carve our own destiny.  

It would seem to be undoubtedly true that unless there comes upon the world a new outlook and a change of our habit, mental and psychical, of envisaging events through the distorted lenses of our present-day sense of values, our already badly shaken civilization runs a danger of sliding down into a welter of confusion, despair, and human misery, such as the annals of known history have not yet chronicled. 

It is not the crises, when things crash or seem to crash; it is not the horrific noise of the thunder or the crash of its bolt, which govern the great functions of life, human and cosmic; but those slow, to us, always quiet unending silent processes which build all the time; and even in the human race carry it through folly after folly after folly after folly into the future.  

There is the ground of our hope; and it seems that all good men and women should rally to the defense of these primal, simple verities which every human heart, adult or child, can understand.  It is about time that men and women should began to look on the bright side of things, to see hope around us, to forget themselves and their petty worries, and to live in the Infinite and Eternal.  It is easy, infinitely easier than making ourselves continuously sick with frets and worries.  Within each one of us there is something divine to which we can cling, and which will carry us through. 

                             Thanks' G. D. P.  One truth, many paths.  Be good, Do good.

                                                             Louis DiVirgilio        

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The living mind of the cosmos.

It is the deepest level of mind.  It is awareness, aliveness, a profound intelligence that lies beyond intellect, beyond memory, beyond judgment, beyond karma, beyond all divisions.  It is intelligence of existence itself.  In the yogic tradition, its said that once you distance yourself from the compulsions of your karmic software, as well as the identification of your intellect, you will be in touch with this existential consciousness. In the source of creation is pure intelligence that creates memory out of itself; the rest of creation projects memory as intelligence.  

I know that the information above may bend your credence, and awaken your memory with visions of Star Track, but our terraforma is in-coupled with the entire universe without any breaks. We and the universe are one.  It would be foolish to deny that within the whole Solar system of any other reasonable and intellectual beings on our human plane, that we would be the only beings capable of survival on our planet;  it would be the greatest display of conceit for us to make such a claim.  All that science has right to affirm, is that there are no invisible intelligences living under the same conditions as we do.  It cannot deny point-blank the possibility of there being worlds within worlds, under totally different conditions to those that constitute the nature of our world; nor can they deny that there may be a certain limited communication between some of those worlds and our own. 

One of the greatest philosophers of European birth, Immanuel Kant, assures us that such a communication is in no way improbable.  "I confess I am much disposed to assert the existence of Immaterial natures in the world, and to place my own soul in the class of these beings.  It will here after, I know not where, or when, yet be proved that the human soul stands even in this life in indissoluble  connection with all immaterial natures in the spirit-world, that it reciprocally acts upon these and receives impressions from them."

                               Thank's H. P. B.  One truth, many paths.  Be good do good. 
                                                               Louis DiVirgilio

Saturday, August 28, 2021

The problem of modern life is that most people's physical and emotional energy does not find full expression in their lifetime.

People in our civilized society carry an enormous amount of unexpressed emotions.  If we never let those emotions find their full expression, then their stagnate energy can be deeply damaging to one's health and well-being.  This accounts for the huge upswings of depression and well being across the world.  It is acknowledged that one out every five Americans suffer a mental ailment at some point in their lives. The problem is that civilized society regards the uninhibited expression of emotion as a sign of weakness or a lack of sophistication.  This kind of emotional suppression can and will create havoc within the human system, and humans the world over will never find full expression for their emotions.  Most people have fears about their love, their joy, their grief, just about everything.  For example, to laugh loudly is a problem, it is seen as inappropriate.  We have set up a deeply restrictive culture for ourselves. 

The level of activity in modern life has decreased drastically because people do not use their body the way they used to.  If this unused energy is made to remain stagnant within our bodies, it could become a causative factor of disease.  It seems our modern mind is going through a unique kind of neurosis.  Now that we have become so inactive, we are suffering the effects of such inactivity; by becoming anxious and uneasy.  This is mainly because of trapped physical energy. In comparison, you will find that those people who are committed to some form of intense physical exercise are at a different level of balance and peace and are much less entangled in physical drives.  This is because at least one aspect of the person has found full expression. 

Trapped energy, can also cause restlessness and agitation, which accounts for the chronic unease and disquiet that plagues the modern world.  You may have noticed that the very way people sit and stand reveals an absence of ease.  They may have brought a practiced gracefulness to there movements, but their unease remains.  If you take away the unease in your movement, it shifts inward to another dimension, where it is easy for it to find a new expression.  In other words, it will billed back into your energy.  In time, this disquiet on the level of energy manifests as disease.

An inability to be joyful by your own nature can make the simplest issues in life seem like a highly complex problems.  The reason the simple things----like being peaceful, joyful, loving----become ultimate aspirations is that people are living without paying attention to the life process. The level of inhibition that, people live with is truly amazing.  It is responsible for several diseases---both physical and psychological, that we see around us.  An inability to be joyful by your own nature can make the simplest issues in life seem like highly complex problems.  Right now being peaceful and joyful is made out to be the most significant problem in human existence.  In pursuit of human happiness, we are ripping the planet apart.  The reason the simple things--like being peaceful, joyful, loving---have become ultimate aspirations is that people are living without paying attention to the life process. When most people say "life," they mean the accessories of life--their work, their family, their relationships, the homes they live in, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, or the gods they pray to.  The moment you make this fundamental mistake of identifying something that is not you as yourself, life becomes an unnecessary struggle.  The foundations of peace and bliss are not about attending to the external realities of your life, but in accessing and organizing the the inner nature of your being. 

Your are capable of experiencing only that which is within the boundaries of your sensation.  But if you throw the boundary of your sensation out in an expanded form, you can sit here and experience everyone as yourself.  You can stretch it further and experience the very cosmos as you experience your own body.  The trick is to work on being conscience, every day, in every way.

                                 Thank you Sadhguru.  Be good, do good. 

                                                        Louis DiVirgilio              


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The lost cord of modern civilization is forgetfulness of universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

The secret of conflict is in the existing degrees of ignorance, selfishness, and lack of altruism----the noblest emotion that can possibly enter the heart.   It is only in altruism, in thinking of others, in putting others before ourselves, that we forget ourselves, and in the forgetting lost the pains and sorrows and the little happiness that we cling on to and call ourselves.  

You should clearly see that the only pathway to wisdom and universal peace is putting the whole before the insignificant, the many before yourself;  and therefore living in the universal life instead of living only within your own small shadow.  There we have the secret of living a universal life, and it is precisely this secret that the modern world has forgotten.  It has forgotten that in self-forgetfulness is greatness, peace and happiness; that our lack of peace and our unhappiness come from our little pettiness's and worries close to us; for these are anxieties and hatreds gnawing at the very fiber of our inner being, and then we suffer, we are hurt, and we raise our eyes to heaven or to the gods, and exclaim; "Why has this happened to me, to us?  What have I done ?  What have we done?"  Yet to obey the merest cognizance of spiritual and natural law should tell us that everything that happens in the great and in the small happens according to divine law; and that misery and unhappiness and conflict and wretchedness and poverty and all the array of accompanying ills, arise out of negligence to obey the cosmic law. 

Nature is fundamentally spiritual, and therefore is ruled by law, and therefore has compensation for meritorious conduct and retribution for the unmeritorious; and that these two, the compensation and retribution, are as infallible as is that comic law itself, for they are but the expression of it.  When a man or woman allows these wondrous and yet so simple thoughts to sink into there consciousness so that they become a part of the very fiber of there being, no longer will they willfully injure another.  It is no longer within his or her's character to do so. They have drawn himself out of the mud, and seen the golden sunshine.  They recognizes that fundamentally all is one, all beings are one , and that the unit is as important as the whole, and that the whole is as important as the unit; and that the unit within the whole is infinitely more important than the unit, single and alone.  By the units themselves thinking in this way, the cosmic rule of harmony is preserved unto infinity. 

That is what we have lost; the conviction that we shall meet compensation or retribution for our thoughts and for our feeling; that good will infallibly come to us if we sow good and think and feel right, and sow the seeds of justice and honor and probity and decency in our conduct towards all men and women; all others, not just "my" friends---all.  For the cosmos is a unity and knows no divisions or human separations.  This is what we have lost.  This is where we fail.  This is the secret of all human conflict.  Because of the very complex character of modern civilization, any man or women with a heart in the right place, can solve such complex questions because they are illuminated by the divine within them, if they allow their heart to speak. Then their judgment is virtually infallible.  The fact is, we of European  and American decent have been cowards entirely too long, always wanting to put the fault on someone else. so we have erected a pure figment of our imagination, and we speak of it as Christ Jesus, and on his shoulders lay all our sins; and at the end we shall be washed white in the blood of the lamb, if only we believe. How about those who have suffered under our evil doing?  Because I am saved, does that help them?  How about those whom I in my stupid, ignorant and evil past perhaps have given a shove downwards instead of helping to lift upwards.  Can't you see that it is wrong?  Don't you see that those ideas are a complete reversal of a cosmic philosophy?  That it is not so important what happens to the unit; the greater is what happens to the endless, toiling, hoping, working suffering multitudes.

We must retrain ourselves with the priority of universal brotherhood and sisterhood, and march to the beat of altruistic, cosmic principles. As Spock would say, sacrifice the needs of the one for the many.     

                      Thank you G. D. P.  One truth many paths.  Be good, do good.  

                                                       Louis DiVirgilio            

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The human problem right now is freedom.

This freedom presents itself to us as a paradox; an inconsistency, an illogical truth.  We are free, now to make ourselves miserable.  We are free to make ourselves joyous.  We are free to live like a god.  We are free to live like a demon.  Nature has given us our freedom because we are now evolved enough to make a mature choice.  In short, Nature trusted our intelligence.  But unfortunately, we humans take our own time to make use of that intelligence, we rather frolic within the touch and feel of all the material  aspects of life, while unconsciously trapping ourselves within the frame work of the paradox.  We believe that we are self entitled to do whatever we want, whenever we want.  We feed our egos with a positive view of our entitlement, as if we were at the pinochle of what a human life is suppose to be. In truth, we are a long way from being at the peak of our potential.  Our altruistic mind set has not yet reached its full capacity.  We still long to leave our deepest foot print as a acknowledgment of "my magnanimous life;" yet the shekels are never released.  

Some were along our life line we must sit face to face to acknowledge what and were our truth lays.  Whether we are solid enough to advance our truth, and expand our capacity to engage it within multiple levels of access and with out compromise.  There is an old proverb which goes;  "Error runs down an inclined plane, while Truth has to laboriously clime its way up hill."  Truth can never be killed; hence the failure to sweep away entirely from the face of the earth every vestige of that ancient Wisdom, and to shackle and gag every witness who testified to it, is not possible. 

Existentially life is moving toward its ultimate nature, of its own accord, and you also put your energies into it by moving faster.  That is, you are turning consciously spiritual with your own momentum, collaborating with Nature's plan, and that is all that is necessary for you to do.  


                              Thank you H.B.P.  One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio