Friday, January 14, 2022

Where are the Masters, the Sages and Seers?

The great sages and seers, the masters of wisdom and compassion, belong to no race, and especially to no creed.  They are the children of the spirit, awakened men, whose familiar thought is truth itself; and hence their sympathies are universal.  They need no frontiers of race, of caste, of creed, of color. They are truth seekers, truth-teachers, that existed before the foundations of the mighty mountains were laid, ay, even before the sons of morning began to sing, to chant their hymns celestial.  For truth has no age.  It was never born, it never has not been.  It is timeless because universal.  Its appeal is to the hearts and minds of all men.  It matters not a whit from what part of the world a beautiful truth may be drawn; and hence when ever any human has so attuned their self to the whisper of the winds, and when the winds blow upon him and wring, then, for the time being and as long as he can hold his or her plane of consciousness, they are  one of the sages and seers, whether they are recognized or not; and this means you and me and all men, at least any one of us who may have attained this much.  

I know first hand that the Masters, Sages, and Seers, exist, and they never will ever burdened us, as long as we stay faithful to truth, by never abandoning truth, no matter in what form it is experienced.  This ask by the Masters, Sages, and Seers, is no small task, it takes the will power of a saint, to push back against those who will attempt even to entertain death to any and all who will not comply.  

My recognition is that the Masters, Sages, and Seers, keep a watchful eye over all humans who would called out sincerely for help.  I will tell you a true experience about my encounter with the watchfulness of the Masters.

My daughter Nikki and I were on a three day weekend trip up north to Lake Superior.  Our goal was to  view the largest waterfall in Minnesota, which was named, Pigeon Falls.  We walked up the steps to better view the gushing water falling gracefully over the falls.  It was a wonderful sight.  Our second quest was to view a second waterfall a little further south with an ominous name, "The Devil's Keitel."  It was called the Devil's Keitel because as the water flowed down word the falling water seemed to disappear into a separate chamber on the left side of the falls. However, on the right side of the chamber the water flow seemed to be normal, with no apparent abnormal variances.   This mystery caused great speculation about where and how the water on the left side of the Devil's Keitel had seemed to disappeared.                             

My daughter and I had made our way to the Devil's Keitel water fall, and began to move up the stairs.  I was fallowing my daughter, when I became very dizzy.  I was having trouble steading my self and I was afraid of falling.  I walked back down very carefully holding on to a wooden banisters, and made contact with the earth, still very dizzy.  I was very frightened by my instability.  As I shuffled my feet very slowly, I no tested a bench, and a small full leaved tree hanging above me.  I immediately sat down on the bench under the tree, still very shaken. I then called out to my spiritual father, "Father help your son."  No sooner did I ask for help, a state of safety quietly melted into every ware I looked.  The fear I was having vaporized and a feeling of complete safety, every ware I looked I was completely envelope in safety.  There was a swipe of tranquility no matter where I looked.  I felt so great full I began to cry.  Every were I looked life was throbbing and me with-it. here 


             Where are the Masters, the Sages, and Seers?    Right ware they are supposed to be.     

                                           One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.                          

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio

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