Tuesday, December 3, 2019

there is an eternal battle between the power of the dark side and the power of the light side.

This power struggle is waged to determine who will rule the world.  There is a song whose words go, ..."every body wants to rule the world."   The Christian Religion, depicts this conflict in terms of the devil on the left shoulder of human beings, compelling them towards the dark side, and on the right shoulder compelling humans towards the path of the light side. This is the conundrum of our duality.  In terms of this application, we humans are the ultimate decider's of which path is taken.  Here we are sandwiched between these two powerful forces, pressuring us to chose a path, while we are not exactly conscious of what the possible outcomes might be. To say this is a very difficult position to be in, is a gross understatement.  Being squeezed between these two cosmic forces, is greater than just a formidable situation; yet, here we are.  I would suggested too, that under the evolutionary period we are in now, the freedom of working out are own destiny might feel less possible, while the idea of predestination becomes the greater possibly.

Our human situational dark side condition is not however, dire.  Universal Nature has provided our nature with the ware-with-all to meet, and to over come what ever conditions we are to meet with; however, with one caveat.  We must learn to modify and to resolve our human conditions from the inside, not from the out side.  Here is what I mean, our material bodies are not just networks forged by flesh and bone, but are a complex of the most alive and powerful technology in the entire world.  Our problem is, because of our current evolutionary consciousness, we only use one percent of the potential of the body's technological capacity.  This state of affairs gives the dark side a distinctive advantage over the light side. However, the dark side has its weakness through its resistance to true development, and paradoxically, at the same time, the dark side is the enemy of its own best interests through its downward tendency.

I will give you an example of the dark side's weakness: in 1956 there was a science fiction movie called, "Forbidden Planet."  A scientist, Edward Morbuis and his daughter, were sent to a planet to discover what caused an advanced civilization, called the Krell, to be killed off for no apparent reason.  The entire population was killed by some kind of planetary force.  Morbuis found that the entire civilization was killed by invisible intrudes.  It turns out that the Krell, by concentrating there mind, were able to manifest anything they desired.  As it turns out, the dark side's downward tendency, made it impossible for the Krell to control their deeper psychological urges, needs, and desires.  Thus, the "invisible intrudes" were the Monster's of their Id; those personality components made up of unconscious psychic energy, which is deeply imbibed within the human psyche, until like a seed, the conditions made it ready to blossom.

Thus, what is our duty in this warfare with the forces and tendencies of our human nature?  The fight is to be fought by every human being, for it is raging on the sacred plain of our human bodies. The fight is froth with fear and despondency of losing all that I have known, have gathered, and have been comfortable with; in other words, with life as I know it. We cannot always live on the enthusiasm of earthy joys.  The rosy hue of dawn causes its early light to revel to us that we are more than we seem, and to make it our duty to commit to following the spiritual light, until we finally become spiritually realized.  Not one of us can remain neutral, you cannot serve two masters. The cry has gone out to each, and each must choose.  A choice, and corresponding path must be taken.  The spiritual path though steep and rough, it ends in integration with divinity.  The material path though broad and smooth, "but from its crown, on rocks the traveler is tumbled down," and ends in disintegration.

                                          One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

                                                     Louis DiVirgilio   12-02-19   




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