Thursday, January 2, 2020


I am leaving behind the rest of my kind,and removing myself from the race.  I am washing clean society's scene, and rinsing my mouth of bad taste.

I am withdrawing from muzzled mouths, machining-gunning blank words with each round; from the printed accounts of gruesome, terrible crime; from the noise and the dirt and the slum and the grime.  I am leaving this ocean of bullshit, far, far behind.

As the earth spins in orbital glide, the sun shades its back and lights its front side.  Untold lives end with the night.  Untold lives begin with the light.  Life seems float on a pool of extremes; floating from best to worst or worst to best, with occasional leveling.

L'll not be swayed.  I am determined to leave, and once I am gone there'll be no weeping on my shirt sleeve.  Withdrawing from an economic mutation; freeze enterprise, castelpolism, and press-chasing power; from increase the imports, tariff the davenports, duty-free whisky quarts; from inflate the dollar, deflate its value; tax all the income, who is the victim;?  from grow with the country, consume a T.V.; use a lawyer regularly to gain a 3% increase in G.N.P.; from inflation, taxation and money orientation.  I am taking leave of it all, and I'll burn my credit card as a symbol of withdrawal.

As the earth spins in orbital glade the sun shades its back and lights its front side.  Untold lives end with the night.  Untold lives begin with the light.  Necro or Bio, dispositions of mind; where place the difference?  The decision is mine.

I'll not bend.  My mind is made up.  I'm withdrawing from the political circus that features corrupt; from the codes and the statutes obstructing my time; from the courts and their justice, mentally blind; from the in-forms, the out forms, the forms for forming forms.  Take all the forms, roll into wad, then blast into orbit and form anew moon.  I'am leaving, I tell you, and it is not to soon.

As he earth spins in orbital glide, the sun sides its back and light its front side.  Untold lies end with the night.  Untold lives begin with the light.  There are flowers that open full bloom to the sun and close tight to the moon; accommodating the change of day in a most thoughtful way. 

I am leaving!  And when I am ..."safe in my sylvan home, I'll tread on the pride of Greece and Rome." Safe I'll be without ambiguity.  Safe l'll be, withdrawn from that which annoys me.

Egad!  I am a fool.  To escape is mad.  I am only accepting the good part of the world, while withdrawing from the bad.  I'll use flower wisdom, accept life's extremes, then accommodate the differences as my awareness deems.

I am going to stay; mingle with my kind.  Accept all behavior as human, and where I can, adjust ad refine.

                                          One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good.

                                                    Louis DiVirgilio   20-03-20


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