Thursday, September 17, 2020

I have faith of the heart

Seeing what is taking place in our world today, I began to realize it is not by chance, that the dire events happening are not the blind blowes of haphazard events, but are ominous fore warnings of the strife to come.  We must recognize that despite the agony and the sadness that we are now indowled with, there are spiritual powers and forces sweeping over our earth, rearranging, remaking, and reshaping, setting a progressive, positive evolution of a higher order. Fear not, it will all work out to an already predestined and sublime ending.  

I also, have began to realize, that we humans are spiritually intertwined within Universal Nature, and as such, being the blind humans that we are, will not enter whole heartedly into Universal Nature's majestic processes, but instead of helping Her, oppose Her.  If you want to know the reason for the suffering and agony, the terror and appalling privation that are upon us, look directly into the mirror, and view your own image.  It is no intra cosmic God, who has put these horrible things upon us, but we ourselves. It is the tragedy of society that has lost its trust in an abiding spiritual power, and we have let reason lose its proper seat.  This  entire universe of ours is but an appearance, an outer shell, a physical body, manifesting the tremendous forces at work on the other side of the veil of nature; and no man, or god can oppose these powers with impunity; universal laws rule this world. 

All that is grand and unselfish will live.  What is false and selfish will not merely pass by, but be overthrown.  Put your entire faith in the divine power behind nature and live in accordance with her and, nature will look upon you as her master and will pay deference to you.  Those of you who have ears to hear, hear!     (thank you G. De Purucker)

                                         One truth, many paths.  Do good, be good.

                                                           Louis DiVirgilio     


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