Thursday, November 12, 2020

Being is not a fixed state

As human beings living within our current evolutionary times, we ride along on the waves of our  immediate conditions and circumstances, and infuse our self's with all the social, and cultural activities that conform to the ideal of the times.  We begin to incorporate these cultural ideals into the very fabric of our lives, and relate to them as real fixtures of our being.  We also begin to unconditionally ride these ideas as a way to build up our life capacities, strategies, and even our characteristics.  These ideas bring forth enormous power on behalf of our cultural, current understandings: for instance, the spread of religious understandings, the ready acceptance of philosophical principles, the growth of political fads, and the effigies of science, are all examples of the manner in which we may be torn from our moral moorings by these ideas sweeping over our minds and overwhelming both our willpower and our sense of moral responsibility. What is more, our resolve to move within truth, deteriorates, and we begin to live our lives on lower levels, and what is worse, we let ourselves become compulsive, recycling our behaviors over and over, until we lose control, and now instead of, we controlling our compulsions, our compulsions are now controlling us.  

We have forged ourselves into a neck brace of barriers, thinking that these barriers, will keep us safe, and directly in tune with the standards of the cultural norms.  However, being is not a fixed state, and as we remain tied up feeling the tug upon our neck, we begin to sense that we slowly have become a mystery to our self.  The only way out of this predicament is moving and living inward.  We must realize, that being preoccupied by fixing our outer conditions, trying to make everything okay on the outside, is a recipe for failure. Our human body houses the most sophisticated technology on the planet, but because we waste our time trying to fix every thing from the outside, we cannot find where the key board is.  The key board is where it has always been, inside

Everything that has ever happened to you, you experience within you.  Lets us do a little experiment. Put your hands down on your thighs, now take an inhalation, pay attention to your inhalation.  Now flip your hands over with your palms up, pay attention to your inhalation.  Can you tell the difference between hands down inhalation and hands up inhalation?  The hands down inhalation needs more air then the hands up inhalation.  Lets try another experiment.  Its a hot, sticky summer day, you are sitting in the shade when a mosquito lands on your arm and digges his proboscis into it, you feel the sting.  How do you feel the sting, outside of your skin, or the inside mechanism of your body making an adjustment for the feeling of the sting. Lets take another example of your body's ability to process its reaction to its digestion and elimination processing, a formable undertaking, yet this body of yours responds, 24/7, every day and night of your life, monitoring an appropriate respond.  Even the most subtle change prompts a specific, swift reaction from the body.  Hopefully you can now begin to understand that all the sensations you feel, are the direct result of the masterful operations of the technology within your body.

You might ask, "Where does this marvaless innovation come from?"  "Who designed this technology?" Your answer to this question is probably God, but the idea of an all powerful, singular god is not expansive enough to fulfill the comprehensive nature of the entire universe, and that is why it is necessary for us to recognize our spiritual connection to the Universe because, surprise, surprise, we and the Universe are one; we in it, and it in us.  There are a hierarchy of spiritual beings supporting the length and breath of the entire Universe.  It is the lack of recognition of our essential one-ness in our spiritual origin that disturbs our understanding, and keeps us from our spiritual coupling.  We must shift our desires and actions to ethics and morals if we want to comply with the strict laws of the universe,  because they are the rules of harmony in and in all conduct, copying the harmony prevailing in the cosmic spaces.  All that we need to do is to understand those laws, to realize them in our hearts, to take them into our consciousness; for then we shall be able consciously to follow the fundamental operations of the universal life, because we are in intellectual touch with those harmonies.

  It is an inner spirk of spiritual light in humans and in all beings, that furnishes and has furnished the evolutionary urge towards producing ever fitter vehicles of self-expression.

                                          One truth, many paths.     Be good, do good.                                          

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio


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