Sunday, February 13, 2011

share the world

They sat and talked. Filled somber ears, with weather conditions, sports
events, and conduct of governments. The highest forms of life flapping lips, to
to avail.

"Do you think it might snow?" said one.
"Possibly! The weather man says chances are 50-50. Though you know
his margin for error is greater than 50-50," replied the other.

Silence, both heads spin in hopes of finding subjects to next vocalize.

"That damn football team, blew it again. All they had to do, to win, was
run the defence's weak side," said one.
"The coach should have tried the rookie quarterback," replied the other.

Their emotional context is bogged down, restrained by non-felt words.
Spinning heads fall off contact, as if an electro magnetic's power switch
was suddenly turns off.

Silence, then lips start flipping, contact resumes at minimum power.

"That idiot mayor of ours is running for reelection again.
He hasn't an ethical cell in his enter body," says one.
He, however, presents an appealing image, will fool a majority of the
voters," says the other.

Silence, contact withdrawn to inner dialog. Two sentient beings,
sharing the same world, at a complete lose of how to share their common
heart felt experiences.

A wall starts to build between them. Blank eyes fix on invisible objects.
The wall builds higher; silence looms thick. Each sense their shallow words,
and are reluctant to flap more. The wall builds even higher. Power is off.
No residue contact. They are now deep into their own heads. The wall
builds higher, and now isolates them Curious these two, who's combined
memories, store vast ranging, sensations of lived experiences, set such
a limited, bland boundary for their expression.

"Look there! says one, opening the circuit, "That man, disgustingly drunk,
and its so early in the day. Its sad to see."
Hesitating, the other adds, "He cannot manage his drinking." Than pausing
nervously continues, "I know his need, and what kind of emptiness alcohol
fills. You see, I am an alcoholic."

Ears perk; interest piqued, hot; eyes merge and focus intense. Full power on.
Hallelujah! a devastating blow smacks and weakens the wall.

"I am surprised, " rejoins the other, "I never suspected you had a drinking
problem. You seemed so conservative, and not given to impulse. You
know," pausing, "my wife has a drinking problem, and I have a real
compassion for the difficulty alcohol causes. I greatly respect and admire
your honesty with yourself."

The other says, "You have taken on a completely new aspect. Previously,
I thought you reserved and some what aloof. Now, hearing you respone
to my problem with sympathy, and sharing your own experience has changed
my opinion. I like you."

Smiles burst forth. The two virgorously pat one another on the back. Then
a warm, long hand shake, while eyes twinkle with good feeling. The wall
now comes tumbling down, and in its stead, friendship unfolds.

Now the world seems none so bad, and they themselves such sterling lads;
a mixing in with life, no waste of energy here.