Tuesday, January 21, 2014

life is an initiation

As I reflect on the totality of my life up until this present time, I have become aware that it has been a continuous process of initiation.  At 11:23pm on, Sept. 24, 1943, after 9 months of preparation, I emerged into this world, on the Southside of Chicago.  This was my first initiation, unless you believe as I do in the continuous cycle of life and death, then this might have been my, for a lack of an accurate number, my millionth initiation.  Some where in my readings I recall that some one asked the Buddha about the number of rebirths he had had, his reply was, 'If you take the remains of all my incarnated bodies and piled them one on top of another, they would stack higher then the tallest mountain.'  This reply sounds apocryphal, but it gives a vivid vision of the eminence period of time that life revolved upon this earth, and its infinite continuity.

My earth initiation began as I was squeezed out and appeared as a new born baby. I had to then instantly relate to my Chicago environment: the hospital, doctors, nurses, lights, sights, sounds, smells, parents, relatives, etc. and Universal Nature, (to those of you who are thinkers and sensed a discontinuity here, I also had to relate to Universal Nature's process before my earth life appearance).  From my birth, baby Louis was being directed by spiritual and physical forces which did not emanate from my self consciousness.  I was matriculating by the universal life-force.  This life-force powered and directed my spiritual, psychic, astral, and physical growth and development.  

Universal Nature works out the pattern, using my individual karma as a reference, of how to grow and develop Louis.  There are plateaus Universal Nature is aiming at, and these goals determine what part of Louis should be developed first and at what approximate time.  Most human development follows multiples of seven.  Seven is a sacred number used through out religious and philosophical teachings of the ancient and modern world.  At seven years old the common knowledge is that a child has reach the plateau of reason; not just intellectual reasoning, but self-conscious reason; knows right from wrong-moral reasoning. At fourteen years old a human has been infused with the power of  self-determination.  At twenty-one, a human has infilled all his spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and physical capacities to make ready for his higher initiations.  At fourth-nine years old or as American Indians believe fifty years old is the mark, human beings have stored enough experiential resource to make them fully mature.  Keep in mind that the individual karma of each human can vary the time and infillment of their capacities, making the multiples of seven approximate, not strict, and that the multiple plateaus are not gained by giant steps, but Nature like, steady, determined, evolving, steps.

Universal Nature is the involuntary control agent, along with Louis's karma, both from previous lives and from this current live, aiding and infilling Louis primarily until approximately age twenty-one, where Louis's installed capacities are fully functioning.  At this point, Louis can begin to become his own authority; filtering all experiences and concepts through his developing truth system. How, you may ask, 'can all you have said be interpreted as an initiation?'

Lets brake down the elements of initiation.  First there is an initiator, the goal or aim of the initiation, the particular tests and trails, and finally the initiate, (the person or persons to be initiated).   For example, when I was in college I was initiated into an on campus club: the initiator was the club with its leader and initiated members, the goals were to create a brotherhood of loyal and true members, the trials were progressively more sever culminating in the severest test, called "hell night," and I and other men were the initiants.  There are many variations of the elements, think of an initiation of a Navy Seal, but all the elements are there.  In the case of baby Louis, Universal Nature, which is a comprehensive life-force, is the initiator.  It takes Louis's human composition, along with karma and causal and influential relations, ie parents, relatives, environment, culture, etc., as It matriculates Louis through his growth and development stages.  When Louis reaches his twenty first year or there about,  were all of his capacities are installed, Universal Nature begins to back off its involuntary control, allowing Louis's developing self-consciousness to hold the reins.  Universal Nature does not abandon Louis, but initiates certain spiritual urges, if Louis recognizes and follows, will lead and clarify his path.  Don't think that Louis has reached the end point with initiation, on the contrary, he has in front of him, higher, and higher, and higher, and higher... initiations, some wondrous beyond belief and some terrible, but all intended to expand his consciousness toward truth.