Tuesday, July 2, 2013

star shooter

On scared days, within the cosmic cycles, as when Earth, Moon, Venues, Mercury,
and the Sun are in suzyge or when the solstices or equinoxes accrue, star shooter, Chiti Shakti, takes up the sacred bow of liberation, and from his quiver, places a spiritually prepared aspirant of truth head first, between his bow and bowstring, draws the bow to its helt, angles his back
arching to the sky, and launches the seeker towards the Sun.

As the seeker moves out, passing through the various spheres of earth, "G" forces are pealing away his life experiences, but as excruciating and disconcerting as that feels there is no turning back.  He has passed the point of no return, and just as the valve of his heart closes after the beat, there is no way back; his fate is sealed, either victory, madness or death.

Moving through the outer spheres of earth, while experiencing its extreme drag, the seeker must rely on the grace and power of the Star Shooter, and have complete faith in his aim,  Each sphere of the earth the seeker traverses, sheds and clarifies, not only the aggregates of his physical body, but also the deeply warn pathways of emotions and obsessions within his mind; with each shedding he feels lighter and freer.  As the seeker reaches the outer most sphere of earth, his forward thrust is severely weakened.  It is there that he must battle every selfish earth desire before he can move through the threshold into space.  The battle is fierce, draining the seeker's life force, until he surrenders to Chiti Shakti's grace and wisdom.  His immediate victory in hand, he moves across the threshold into space, now passing along the magnetic channels towards the Moon.

Now that the seeker has dropped sheaths of his physical make up, and has freed himself from earth's fetters, he can ride the magnetic channel at mind speed.  So at the blink of his eye he enters the atmosphere of the Moon.  As he enters the field of the Moon, he feels drag; only this time on his Lunar body.  The Lunar body now being dissolved, his human form has turned into an ethereal consistency. He effortlessly enters the heart of the Moon, becoming attuned to its essence which brings him complete understanding.  Moving through the Moon's atmosphere at mind speed, he connects with the magnetic channel and enters the spheres of Venues.

Venues, Earth's day and evening star, immediately produces drag on the seeker's Venusian body.  Again, sheath after sheath of the seeker's souls are dropped and abandoned, morphing his body into a light form, a blue light essence.  He enters the heart of Venues, and knows its essence, purifying his form,even further. His blue light form moves through the Venusian atmosphere preparing the seeker to enter Mercury's spheres.

Mercury, the Sun's closest relation, creates drag on the seeker's Mercurial body.  Sheaths are dropped and abandoned, further refining his light form in preparation for his final peregrination to the Sun.  His light form has expanded into a  universal unification of consciousness, the mortal is becoming immortal and omniscient.  He enters the atmosphere of the Sun with unspeakable joy and peace; a million times over what he has ever experienced.  As he aims for the heart of the Sun all progress comes to a abrupt, complete stop.  The seeker understands that he must now make a choice in order to move on. He has come to, Robert Frost's proverbial " ...two roads diverge in the woods"...   One road is to reap his hard fought and well deserved reward, heaven, nirvana; existing in bliss for eons and eons, until the Great Cycle  moves into sleep and than reawakens.  The other road, "less traveled," is to renounce his due reward, and return to earth, for eons and eons, until all beings and entities are liberated, enlightened.  He hears the suffering of earth and cannot lay easy while his earth brothers and sisters are struggling.  He desires to become a part of the brotherhood of the Guardian Wall.

*"Children of the Sun, offspring of the stars"... when your turn comes which road will you chose?
    *(the quote is from Gottfried de Putucker's, a Theosophist, book, "The Four Seasons.")