Wednesday, February 7, 2018

finding truth

If every human spoke the truth, there would be no arguments, no rebuttals.  If everything that was spoken was the truth the only reply would be agreement, "Yes."  In our experience however, we understand that truth is relative to the speaker; people speak "their truth," and what usually follows are their proofs of their truth.  A Theosophist, G. de Purucker. defines proof as, "the bringing of conviction to the mind, and this conviction is brought by a preponderance of evidence."  Regardless of the preponderance of evidence, our physical world is encased within duality and paradox. All physical manifestation, from atom to star,  functions within apposing cycles: light and darkness, happiness and suffering, etc.  So every personal or even scientific truth and proof can be rebutted by its dualistic opposite.  Even within the scientific method, there is a calculation of finding a point of possible failure within the proposed scientific theory.  How about "believe?" It surely can stand alone as the cauldron of truth?  If and when you might seriously break down what you believe, you would find that most of your belief is based on: cliché, someone else's thoughts, believes or opinions; usually there is no investigation of evidence for you to base your belief on because you have already identified it as truth.  In effect, your belief is a selected bias, not truth.  How about "faith and hope," surely truth can be found within these ideas?  Within faith lies the bias of belief, because without belief, faith has no foundation; it does not have the preponderance of evidence to stand alone.  Alexander Pope, in his poem,  "An Essay On Man," proclaimed, ..."Hope springs eternal in the heart of the human breast," but in his next line, which most people do not know, says, "man never is but always to be blessed."  So, even though there is the idea of "hope," it floats like a phantom, never to be grasped. 'Thanks Lou!' I can hear you saying, 'you just put a crimp in our ideas which we come to rely on for comfort and possibility.'  My response is, "Don't take my word for truth or for any thing else, become a seeker not a believer; dig, investigate, bring truth to your own experience, making the truth you found a reliable building block for your living foundation. 

So the question remains, "Where do you find truth?"  There is a certain quality of truth, that as human beings we are intuitively receptive.  There is a certain steady consistency, a reliable, efficient  cause, a specific outcome that most always occurs, a central vibration, that we harmonize with.  For finding truth we need to look no further than Nature. For instance, here in MN. winter is fulfilling its final phase, and soon, like clock work, spring will emerge, and than summer, than fall, and thus it has been demonstrated, the seasonal cycle has been completed.  In addition to Nature, we can seek and find truth within our solar system, and within our entire Universe.  Think about the consistency of our earth's cycles, our moon's cycles, the regularity of our sun's, and planet's orbit.    You may say, "Even if we were astral physicist we could not comprehend the truth of our solar system, and certainly could not comprehend the entire Universe."  The poet Edmond Burke, suggested a universal connection between us and the entire Universe,  he writes, ..."you cannot disturb a flower with out affecting the stars."  Why do you think that when we humans experience cosmic events like, eclipses, meters flashing through the dark sky, the zodiac signs revealing themselves in the night sky, the dawning and setting of the sun, the northern lights; these events thrill and excite us to our cores, and existentially unify us with the cosmos.

Sadhguru, in his book, Inner Engineering, crystalizes our life's greatest ambiguity:
   "The planet is spinning on time; not a small event.  All the galaxies are managing fine, the whole cosmos is doing great.  But you have one nasty little thought crawling through your head, and its a bad day.  The problem is you are living in a psychological space that bears no connection with reality.  And you are insecure, because it can collapse at any moment.
     In the vastness and grandeur of cosmic space, if you look at yourself in perspective, you are less than a speck of dust.  But you think that your thought-which is less than speck of dust- should determine the nature of existence.  You have lost your perspective of life; that is the basic problem."

Life, is the ultimate cause of life.  Since we live in a dominate, objective world, we consequently attach, unquestionably to the truth we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste, and because our mind identifies and fosters these material truths, we create a psychological matrix that is used to express our living perspective.

Existentially, the Universe is in us and we are in it; we are both the same in essence.  If you explore deeply into the nature of life you will find that any previous conclusions you have drawn, will fade away within the endless processes of life.  Theoretical Physicist have suggested that life, in whatever form, material or ethereal, is produced by the same matrix of energy.  So, rock or atom are produced by the same quality of energy.  As an example, back in 1984, there was a science fiction movie called, "Cocoon."   Aliens from another solar system, came back to earth to retrieve members of their party that had been left on planet earth some thousands of years previous.  They needed help from humans in order to retrieve their members.  However, the quality of their natural form was pure energy beings, and in order to not frighten the humans they shape changed into humans.  Here we have pure energy beings, seamlessly shifting themselves into physical beings. all within the realm and guidance of Universal Nature.  Here on the other hand, are we humans whose quality of being is physical. but through evolution, aspiring to shape change into spiritual, realized, ethereal beings, under the realm and guidance of Universal Nature.  There is a saying, that we humans, are spiritual beings, experiencing a material world.  As such we are, aspiring within the eternal urge of our human heritage to be a realized, spiritually enlightened being.

As fascinating and incomprehensible as this appears to your biased mind, use your imagination, try expanding your perspective, dig, seek your experiences, memories, your cosmic identification,  your identification with Nature, any verification of the truths that surround  you; expand yourself, there is much more joy in expansion then in repression.  Don't take my word for it.