Tuesday, March 26, 2019

the path

The moment I read the axiom, "Know thyself," my soul stirred and I immediately knew I would embark on an adventure of spiritual discovery.

To those of us who have the innate desire and the courage to expand our life's, adopting fuller and more satisfying perceptions, a path must be walked, connecting our dominant material world with our spiritual world.  This connection is vital, for it allows us access to the spiritual aspect of our being.  (Before we go any further, I think it is necessary to make a distinction between, "spiritual" and "religious." After I voluntarily abandoned my Catholic Faith, some would say I also discarded my spiritual life.  Most people associate spiritual expressions, exclusively with religion.  However, spiritual expressions are often completely separate from religion. Spiritual expression originates from within the soul of human beings, as part of their higher principles, and although religion can initiate a spiritual response, religion is not the source of spiritually.  It is thus possible for human beings to be highly spiritual without being religious.)   The encounter with our spiritual aspect causes a renewal, and a new rebirth.  Our entire life becomes redefined.  We merge our dual aspects (material and spiritual), undergoing a metamorphosis.  It is only through this state of creative synthesis that we can hope to express a full human life.

The actual negotiation of the path is difficult.  One must develop it alone by summing up the enormous range of lived experiences into the raw materials necessary for its higher development.  There isn't a template to follow, yet aid and direction is always near to those with one-pointed commitment, by realized masters.  There is a yoga saying that makes traveling the path attainable, "One truth, many paths;" always keep your eyes on the goal.

                                            One truth, many paths.  Be, good, do good.

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio