Sunday, September 30, 2018

Seeking Sholas

Have you felt impotent and frustrated over your inability to effectively help resolve the deep problems currently existing in our country?  Do you sincerely want to do something positive to help alleviate the widespread problems of our world?  There is a way.  It is simple, effective, and resides in the power of the spoken word.   Some may call it prayer, some affirmation, some invocation, some mantra, but all who use it know of its power to affect results. 

Below is a prayer I put together using thoughts inspired by several religions and spiritual sources, intended to inspire a sense of peace, and feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood in the hearts of those that sincerely say it. All that is required of you to help resolve the great troubles in our country and the world, is to say this prayer aloud or interiorly, with sincerity, as few or as often as you think it needs to be said to realize its effect.  If you believe it's a valuable idea, share it with family and friends.  Just think, a prayer chain linking thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of human minds all focused on the same idea of brotherhood and sisterhood, and peace.  What an awesome aggregation of power.  If the old expression, that "God and one man or one woman can conquer the world" has any truth, just think what God and tens of thousands of humans can accomplish.


                 In whose breath we live, move, and have our being,
                 we ask for wisdom and courage.  For we have lost our
                 sense of who we truly are.  We force and press, hurting
                 our earth, ourselves, and our children.

                We need to call a halt to our damaging impulses. 
                We need to rest, and allow earth to rest.

                Let there by peace in the sky and in the atmosphere.
                Let there be peace in the plant world and in the forests.
                Let there be peace in our hearts.

            *Insert the name and any adjective of any god or divinity that relates to you.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Play of Life

As human beings living in our material world we constantly move through a wave of conditions and circumstances.  Our lives seem to be constantly bombarded by them.  They are the realm and environment in which we navigate.  If we are not prepared to deal with them they bring us suffering, stress, and anxiety, a triple threat to our stability.

The conditions and circumstances are schools through which we pass to invoke within us, knowledge which we can process into a foundation of wisdom.  And when our foundation is built strong and sturdy, no amount of negativity can brake our stability, we will remain "four square."

Stand forthright, my companions, with integrity and right action inherit the bounty of your gained wisdom, and share it with all beings.

Monday, September 3, 2018

The Quality of Love

The idea of love as an expression of human beings seems to be inborn.  Humans from the inception of recorded history have attached a great importance upon the idea of love.  Humans see love in everything: poets write about it, Barrette  Browning, "shudders in his lover's shadow," song writers flood the airways with songs of love, while preachers proclaim love as a living force.  Great and infamous deeds have been committed in the name of love, from sacrifice of one's own life to save another's, to murdering the one you love.  Yet for all the attention placed on love and all the vociferous affirmations of love, the world of human affairs has more discord than harmony.  Somehow, love has come to be misinterpreted and misapplied  with regard to human expression, otherwise there would be harmony in the world of human affairs.

St. Paul, in Corinthians, 13, helps explain love in its purest expression.  He writes, "I may gain all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have all faith to move mountains, but if I have no love, I am nothing."  In this statement, St. Paul dissects love into intention or desire to love.  Where love is, the benefit is "thou."  Where love is not, the benefit is "I."  The man who gains knowledge and understands all secrets, merely benefits himself.  He thus works against his higher nature, and eventually becomes cold, indifferent, and without love.  For such a man, any attempt at expressing love, would be a cheap imitation of love's sentiments, since within each expression is the intention of self-benefit.  Even if the man gave large sums of money and his time to a needy charity, if his intention was to show the world his own beneficence, his actions would be loveless and provide him small merit.  Such a man associates lower selfish passions and desires with higher ideals which is both a delusion and a corruption.  Love, in its purest expression is selfless.

St. Paul continues his explanation of love, "Love is patient and kind, it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with truth.  Love never gives up, and its faith, hope, and patience never fails.  Love is eternal."

The discord within the world seems to be the result of a rigid focus on the "I."  The self-gratifying wills of collective humanity clash and fiercely fight for fulfillment, but frenzy and discord can be the only out come.  If only we could feel the love of the Universal Spiritual Heart that gives us our beat, and strikes each one with a common rhythm.  As one heart beats, so beats the whole planet, solar system, and galaxy.  We are all commonly tuned and even the slightest of discord reverberates through the entire Cosmos, rewriting our common destiny.

Let us choose to resonate with the Universal Spiritual Heart, and begin to become one with it.  In so doing, we will be able to express love in its purest form.  "Love is eternal."