Monday, August 15, 2011

you are the face of god

In my last blog, entitled "spirituality," I stated that all things manifest, originate and are preserved by Divine Consciousness, of which by analogy, because we are manifest beings we possess a spark of Divine Consciousness. This "spark" represents our essential core. We live, move, and have our being, as does all manifest things, from this Source. This idea is not some divine inspiration that was brought down to me by an angle, or written in stone by a burning bush nor broadcast by the voice of God. I learned about this idea from studying ancient philosophies and spiritual writings. For instance, in the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 1, verse 10, David's son said ..."There is nothing new under the Sun."... In full testimony to this truth, I found the idea of Divine Consciousness originating all things in the Old Testament, in Genesis, ..."the power of God was moving over water"... God's Consciousness (his power) was moving over the great expanse of "water" ( space). God spoke the Eternal Word which energised all things; from no-thing to all things. Divine Consciousness was installed in all things and its vibration sustains All. I also found that idea in the New Testament, in Paul's letter to the Colossians, "It is my task to fully proclaim God's message, which is the secret he hid through all past ages from all mankind but has now revealed to his people. God's plan is to make known his secret to his people, this rich and glorious secret which he has for all peoples. And the secret is that Christ is in you, which means that you will share in the glory of God."... Remember, the name Christ is not part of Jesus's name. It is Greek and means "anointed one," and is applied only to those who have reached spiritual liberation. Becoming a Christ is achieved by acknowledging your god-spark, connecting with it, and purifying your being until you become your Christ principle. Just as Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha becomes the Buddha, which in Sanskrit means "to awaken," when he sat under the bodhi tree and became enlightened/ awakened. The secret is, Christ is in you, not outside you, as Christian religion would have you believe. I found the idea of Divine Consciousness being an essential part of our being in Rumi's poems-a Sufi, (a mystical branch of Islam). I found that idea also in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, Hindu, Buddhist, Hebrew, pagan, Gnostic, American Indian, philosophy and spiritual writings. You can see that the idea of Divine Consciousness as the essential core to all things manifest is not new under the sun. Lets take this idea and apply it to our lives, and see what it means.

We are at our essence a "spark" from Divine Consciousness. Therefore, if "We contemplate ourselves, we will see that we are not demons or animals or men or gods, we are simply the essence of perfection, perfect souls." The quote is from a Hindu text, called "Jnanarnava." This is a difficult concept to wrap our heads around: 1, coming from first hand experience, that we in our daily affairs, are not perfect-not by a long shot, 2, most of us in North and South America were schooled by Christian Faith telling us we were born with Original Sin, have only one life to gain salvation, and if we fail to acquire salvation our fate will be eternal damnation; successful salvation under those conditions is very unlikely. Yet, regardless of our religious instructions, we intuitively know deep, within our soul that we are more than our thoughts and feelings and the mind that experiences them. Listen to William Wordsworth, as he tries to express in his poem, "Intimations of Immortality" the essential relationship we have with our Divine Consciousness:

...Hence in a season of calm weather
Though inland far we be ,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
which brought us hither,
Can in a moment travel thither,
And see the children sport upon the shore
And hear the mighty waters rolling

When we apply the idea that we have within our being a spark of the Divine Consciousness, our chances of reaching salvation increases infinitely. Divine Consciousness brings with it the attribute of infinity. Since we have a spark of Divine Consciousness our spark is also infinite. Our time then to get things right is relatively infinite. Knowing we are a spark of the Divine Consciousness should quiet our anxiety by opening up our field of life from one to many life-times. This is in line with the natural cycle of all life: birth, growth, decay, death, and then the renewed cycle, birth, growth, decay, death, ad infinitum. There is a story told about Gautama the Buddha, being asked how long he had been incarnating. He answered: 'Consider a mountain the length and width and height that a water buffalo can walk in one day. Now imagine a bird with a silk scarf in its beak that flies across the mountain once every hundred years, letting the scarf brush across the the mountain top. In the length of time that it would take for the scarf to wear away the mountain-that is how long I have been incarnating.' An intuitive reader might be thinking, 'that sounds great, but if we just circulate our lives one after another, were is the hope for progress.' If there is only continuous circulation of our life, our life would be a living hell, and I am sure some of us belief that condition is exactly the case. The good thing is, movement through life is not strictly circular, but is cyclic with a spiral configuration. Therefore, the spiral movement leaves us the possibility for progress and also regress.

Our spark of Divine Consciousness is not completely veiled within the physical plane. Its voice is heard in a continuous loop echoing within, and felt as an urge, as an imperative drive towards perfection. Once this urge is engaged it becomes irrevocably established. That is because it is a Cosmic Force. Remember we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. The urge will not be relinquished until it finds repose in its Source. In other words, we have a built in motivation to awaken, to connect, and finally to become our Source. So we have a universal purpose to become our Source, and we have all nature behind us and the whole glory of the living Universe to achieve that ultimate goal. As the Aussies say, "No Worries!"

Our biggest obstacle is overcoming our ignorance about our true identity. We live a dualistic life. You can verify that idea very quickly, by looking at a model of our brain. The brain is equally divided into two hemispheres, the left half and the right half, with a canal like crease down the middle, separating the two half's. The left side of the brain is related to our physical side, our ego self. The right side of our brain is related to the our spiritual side, our spiritual self. Empirical evidence of the operational effects of the left and right hemispheres can be gotten by reading histories of stroke victims after their stroke. A graphic account of the effects of a stroke can be gained by reading a book called, "My stroke of Insight," by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a PhD brain scientist and therefore has a unique perspective from which to analyse the effects of her stroke. She says, her left brain functions where gone: couldn't speak, make analytical judgements or apply them, relate experiences to herself, and had no concept or feeling of her ego identity. However, her right brain functions where intact. She had awareness, but it wasn't individualized. In other words, she had no concept of separateness. All experiences where amalgamated into a continuous unity. Her only discrimination was an awareness of the kind of energy people would bring with them as they related with her. This kind of complete right brain awareness is difficult to explain, but I am sure there are readers who have experienced its unitarian effects. To aid in giving greater understanding of the reality of the right brain effects I will reference an episode in the ancient, epic manuscript from India called the "Mahabbarata." This episode is entitled, "Bhagavad-Gita," and is concerned with the beginning of a war carried on by two branches of one tribe, (the Kurus and the Pandavas), and the philosophical and metaphysical dialogue between Krishna, a god and Arjuna, a warrior and disciple of Krishna. Arjuna requests that Krishna show him his (Krishna's) divine form. The following description is spoken by Sanjaya the narrator: ..."the mighty Lord of mysterious power, showed Arjuna his supreme form, with many mouths and eyes and many wonderful appearances, with many divine ornaments, many celestial weapons upraised; adorned with celestial garlands and robes, anointed with celestial ointments and perfumes, full of every marvelous thing, the eternal God whose face is turned in all directions. The glory and amazing splendor of this mighty Being may be likened to the radiance shed by a thousand suns rising together in the heavens. Arjuna then beheld within the body of the God of gods the whole universe in all its vast variety." Now we hear Arjuna as he describes what he sees: ..."I see thee without beginning, middle, or end, of infinite power with arms innumerable, the sun and moon thy eyes, thy mouth a flaming fire, overmastering the whole universe with thy majesty. Space and heaven, and earth, and every point around the three regions of the universe are filled with thee alone. The triple world is full of fear. ...Beholding thy dreadful teeth and thy face like the burning of death. I can see neither heaven nor earth; I find no peace, have mercy."...

As we can see that the form of the God of gods contains both, "radiance shed by a thousand suns," but also "thy dreadful teeth, and thy face like burning death"-the right and left sides of our mind. Why do we need both the light of the higher self and the shadow of the lower self? Because the tension of the two creates, the fire of self consciousness-bringing "the knowledge of good and evil." Our human purpose is to integrate our duality by using the wisdom of the higher self to integrate the lower self, thereby, neutralizing the extremes.

Once we make the discovery that our human nature is dual, and that a battle is ever waging between our higher self and our lower self, we enter the realm of the mystic warrior. As we enter the battle field within ourselves, we call forth and analyze our life purpose, our motives, taking courage to compare wrong things with the right things. There sitting nose to nose with our truth, we do battle with out lower nature, and by harsh toil, by subduing pain and pleasure, by unbending faith in our higher self we secure sacred wisdom. Only then can we wheel the spear of knowledge piercing through the world of shadow and illusion, to gain freedom from our own mortality and to live eternally within the splendor of the light.


A 'light' emitted from THE FIRST THOUGHT:
self-generating , inconsumable, steady and
bright, through the rounds of the Cosmos.
Condenses, more to more. Than, the Breath
of God on Chaos sparking all form. The
One into the All.

An amalgamation, yet its Presence remains;
Spiritual Essence into matter; primordial
intercourse; a paradox of the most sublime

A phantom, implanted under your skin,
endeavouring conscious expression, while
your flesh seeks satisfaction; opposition
in the extreme.

Beware! which edge of the sword is wheeled.
One edge brings integration, the other

Monday, August 8, 2011


The idea of spirituality has inundated all aspects of our society, from the religious to the most mundane. It has raised its head in a period of time well suited for its growth, and gives testimony to the old axiom, 'when an idea whose time is ripe appears, nothing under the Sun can interrupt its full expression.'

Nowadays, it has become very common to hear someone speak about a particular experience he or she might have had, in terms of its spiritual connotations. For example, if someone experiences certain phenomena of Nature, hears a certain musical melody, or participates in an event, he or she is likely to describe their experience from the point of view of spirituality. Yet, despite our cultural readiness for spirituality, it comes with certain unsettling expressions. There are false lights that can come from psychic experiences accompanying over zealous spiritual activities, not only those coming from traditional religious sources, but also from non-traditional sources. For instance, the violent conduct demonstrated by some of the "right-to lifers" of the conservative Christian wing or the swindling for money by "new age" practitioners using psychic ploys, such as, trance channeling, past life regression, psychic healing, forecasting the future, etc.

Because of the great appetite for spiritual knowledge and experience and the rapture generated by its use, there is also a great danger of distortion of spiritual vision, (spiritual self-deception), and a kind of spiritual gluttony.

Regardless of its possible negative consequences, the idea of spirituality has interfaced with our collective cultural consciousness and has begun an assimilation process interacting with all other elements of our society. As we digest the idea of spirituality, we begin to break down old, traditional understandings and to transform them into more evolved understandings. As we discover the illusory elements in our spiritual quest , we will hopefully learn to employ only those spiritual elements that foster greater common good and balance.

What is spirituality? Where does it come from? Why is so important?

Spirituality is the core principle of the total constitution of, not only human beings, but also of all manifest things. Its source, as with all things, is divine. At an original point of manifestation of "mankind" and all things, a "thought spark" emanated from Divine Consciousness, a principle around which "mankind" and all things began the Great Drama of Evolution. The first principle or god-spark or Divine Emanation, is infinite and could never be blackened by some kind of finite cosmic sin. We are not thrown, haphazardly into the eternal expanse, damned by a perpetual, Original Sin, and there to dwell as worthless specks until physical death takes us. Because of our god-spark we are a living analogy of Divine Consciousness. The same forces and qualities that uphold the universe, uphold us; we in it and it in us. We can but look onto our own reflections and inner consciousness to find that which will convince us that we are more than what we appear to be.

The intuitive reader might be some what confused, and ask the question, " What is the distinction between spiritual and religious?" Most people, because of their religious training, associate spiritual expression exclusively with religion. However, spiritual expressions are often completely separate from religion. Its like the old question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" Spiritual expression originates from human's god-spark, their essential core, and although religion can initiate a spiritual response, religion is not the source of spirituality. Thus, any human who is not affiliated with a religion, can be highly spiritual.

Nowadays, spirituality has become important because traditional religions have lost their spiritual relationship, by either becoming spiritually defunct or by too much attention to the "eye" of religion rather than its "heart." Religion is the outcome of human's spiritual core. Human beings aware of their god-spark manifest that awareness in terms of doctrines, ceremonies, and rituals, that in turn recognize, celebrate, and educate that awareness through out their particular communities. When a religion is born out of a human being's spiritual core it vibrates in tune with its spiritual impulse, and manifests itself within the current mind-set of its associate culture. Since the spiritual core of human beings has not as yet been perfectly evolved, human's religious expression, at any one point in time, is also imperfect; representing as it does, the currently evolutionary capacity of human's spiritual expression. Over time, religion will lose its initial spiritual radience, and gradually turn towards vibrations of a more mundane kind, spiritually exhausting its doctrines, ceremonies, and rituals. In this inevitable cycle of religious decline, human beings are again urged by their spiritual core to explore, from within, outward for refinement, clarification, and reformation of their religious expression. This process has an appearance of spiritual chaos, but is actually the natural operation of our collective spiritual consciousnesss, exploring itself in an effort to transmute tired religious forms of expression into higher, more evolved forms. Essentually we are spiritual beings, and although we can allow our senses to mislead our minds into believing that our physicl nature is the most essential element, we can never addicate our spiritual essence.