Monday, March 30, 2020

the universe is initiating an intervention for earth

An intervention is an action becoming intentionally involved in a difficult situation, in order to improve it or preventing it from getting worse.  The Universe is moving to set the ground rules for a face to face reconing, with the assistance of the corona-19 virus, for us humans to take a deep look into the manner in which we have been living our lives. The virus is squeezing and tightening our boundaries, condensing our movements and freedom to the point of straggling our ability to move with freedom and ease within our own neighborhoods, while, trauma, fear, anxiety, and stress has unleashed its destabilizing affects upon our mental health.

This virus has opened and exposed the fact we humans are largely inwardly empty; we are relatively empty vessels.  There is no inner fullness from which to give to others, no inner richness of understanding through which we may receive and solve the problems confronting humanity, and thus helping ourselves and others.  Instead of unity and understanding there is opposition, strife, quarreling, and inevitable wretchedness, combined with rampant poverty, and unrelenting pain.

As an example, take the assessment of the Roman Empire, in its declining years, and the soulless vessels of the Senators of that time; ..."divided hopes, indigent at the institutions of the states which it ruled, and yet incapable of even systematic decisions, a pitcher of faithlessness toward its own as well as the opposite party, of the inward inconsistency of the most pitiful impotency of mean selfishness, and an unsurpassed ideal of misrule..."  Can you feel a relationship between the Roman Empire, and the inner governance of today's US government?  Lets take a closer, more current look at the impotency of our government, namely in the impeachment of Trump.  The  Democratic House of Representative filed letters of impeachment, and then took a vote; the out come was to impeach.  The next phase was to turn the letters of impeachment over to the Senate for them to hear and respond to the impeachment.  Even before the Senators were to give their oral arguments, they summarily  decided not to impeach.   The Senators gracefully bowed down to protocol, and began to grand stand their oral arguments, however the fix was in, and their main interest, "saving their collective asses,"  prevailed.  Out of 100 Senators, 99 voted to not impeach, save for one, Mitt Romney, the champion of his oath of office; the others were cowards; the soulless vessels.

The tragedy of all societies is that they have lost its trust in an abiding spiritual power in this world,  and has lost reason's once high seat.  This entire universe of ours is but an appearance, an outer shell, a physical body, manifesting the tremendous forces at work on the other side of the veil of nature, (the spiritual hierarchy;) and that no man, no demigod, or god, can offend or oppose with impunity. Law rules this world and sooner or later the gods will descend from their azure seats.  Let us see that they come to us as envoys of happiness and peace, rather than with the flaming swords of avenging fathers.

It is unity of effort, cooperation in a living nobley, which is not only what nature herself is working to bring about and therefore which we find everywhere, but that anything that runs counter to its fundamental laws of the universe produces disharmony, strife, and what in our own bodies we call disease. Civilization is but the combined efforts of human beings to produce great and noble effects in human life.

Keep your head looking up to the light; the stars, moon, and sun;  know that you are, "Born of the moon, children of the sun, offspring of the stars, and inheritors of the cosmic and the Boundless are in essence not twine but one."  "Know ye not that ye are gods, and that the spirit of the eternal liveth within you."
                                           One truth, many paths.  Be good, Do good.

                                                            Louis DiVirgilio

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Natives of Eternity

"Born of the moon, children of the sun, off spring of the stars, and inheritors of the cosmic spaces... we and the Boundless are in essence not twain but one."  This is a quote by Gottfried de Purucker, a Theosophist.  This statement is not de Purucker's mere waxing poetic, but an attempt to reach out to all human beings to help inspire them to see and acknowledge the full depth and breath of what it means, and what it is to be a living human being.  A quote from the New Testament, will help to clarify and extend de Purucker's  statement, "Know ye not that ye are gods, and that the spirit of the eternal liveth within you."

What ailment, what disease lives in our world today that keeps us from looking up to our inner spiritual richness, that denies our inner ability to unify with all life?  Shakespeare, gives us a clue, "The man that hath, no music in himself nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for only treason, stratagems, and spoils."  We see evidence, every day, of human's attempts at self-justifications, folly and ignorance.  We have voluntarily abandoned and disobeyed the laws of nature, and the laws of spiritual health.  The consequences are dire.  Wordsworth, admonish us; ..."The world is too much with us; getting and spending we lay waste our power: little we see in nature that is ours:" ...  We have unensouled ourselves.  Look at the empty faces we see each day. They seek to feed that void from outside instead of from the perennial springs of inspiration within their hearts. As individuals we are relatively empty vessels: there is no inner fullness from which to give to others, no inner richness of understanding by which we may receive and solve problems confronting humanity.

When humans begin to realize that he or she is one with all that is, inward and outward, high and low, not merely as individuals of an army are one, not merely as a community are one, like atoms of the molecules, like electrons of the atoms-not mere union but spiritual unity-then he or she sees truth and from that vision has a living bases for morality, and knows that this world is a world of law and order.  "Know ye not that ye are gods, and that the spirit of the eternal liveth within you." 

                                   One truth many paths.   Be good, do good.

                                                        Louis DiVirgilio