Sunday, September 21, 2008

center of authority

For most of us there is not a developed center of authority in our minds-a center of filtration and clarification were all ideas are passed through to determine their truth or falsity. What most of us do have are centers of authority indoctrinated into our minds by parents, governments, institutions of all kinds especially education, and the cultural mores of the Unities States. Each of these authorities gives us a complete text of truths. Each explains that their beliefs are the best. Thus parents tell children which way is best, all governments tell their citizens which way is best, all manner of institutions tell their employees, congregations, customers, students, etc., etc., which way is best. What all these authorities are saying is, "We have superior intellect and knowledge gained from experience, study, analysis, or inspired understanding of which way is best, and because of our superior knowledge, claim and assert the power and authority to command your obedience, what beliefs are best for you, and your behavior." What we are saying, is "My experiences, insights, and intuitions are lacking when compared to theirs. Theirs seems more accurate and reliable, and what's more, most of the people I know follow theirs." We in turn concede and modify our knowledge to fit their beliefs. Simply, we substitute our knowledge for theirs, merely because they said so. We accept as true their statements and with little resistance or questioning. We have given our hearts away, "...a sordid boon!" This is like taking our heart out of our life and exchanging it for an other's that doesn't fit. Without our own heart our life will become an extended cliche. We will blindly believe and have opinions rather then truly know. Whatever questions you may have had about the truths of the authorities, you will have to harbor them within our mind without the heart to empower their asking. You will eventually, along with the majority of people, become sophisticated-pretentiously wise.

If we alien our ultimate purpose for living our lives with becoming the center of our own authority, we clearly see that developing our center of authority is a major step in achieving our purpose. What is our main purpose in life? See if you agree. Our main purpose is to express the full range of our human potential, that is locked up inside us, through conscious desire and effort. In that definition there is no loophole for modifying or adapting that human potential to fit society's or an others belief. Through your lived life, you need to establish credibility for your own life, not someone else's life. Plato, in his "Republic" talks about "right opinion." Paraphrasing, he says, right opinion can put the user of that opinion on the path of truth. However, those who use that opinion without knowledge are blindly imitating and can be easily challenged and quickly knocked off the path of truth.

You are unique, and your experiences exactly fit your character. Over many life times you inherit the consequences of your every thought, word, and deed. Each experience in your present life is an opportunity to gain your life-purpose. You must seize these opportunities every moment, and focus on there meaning, value, and direction. In so doing, you put "heart" into your life which in truth brings you "knowingness;" the beginning of true wisdom. You are the only one who lives your life, therefore you must take total responsibility for its fulfillment or failure. Others experiences should only represent guideposts from which you read to verify your own experiences and understandings. You must regain the power you relinquished to others.

Becoming the center of authority is not easy. You must overcome the induced, blind faith, belief systems of others, and determine with knowledge there truth or falsity. A long period of time might have to pass before you can reclaim and reverse the seats of authority; before the intuitive questions and doubts about your induced belief system can be heard and empowered by your heart to create the true direction and purpose of your life.

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