Wednesday, April 1, 2009

does anyone know what it is like?

"Danny's dead? It can't be!
I played handball with him
two days ago. He seemed fine then."
He died , sitting in his chair
in front of the TV; reading the
TV Guide.

Two days ago, I had a friend,
today he is gone.
The unsettling part of that idea is that
I am in the same death line as Danny.
His death moves me closer to mine.

As soon as your life is spawned
on Earth, so is your death.
In the beginning your position
in the line of death is so far behind
that it takes decades to realize you
are even in line.
However, the movement towards
death is relentless, closer, closer,
second by second.

You call to those ahead of you,
"Does anyone know what it is like?
If you do please tell."
No answer, only the steady movement

Each generation marches, with growing
trepidation, to the precipice of death and
invariable falls in.
One by one, an entire generation gone,
and marching from the rear, the next

Each calling ahead, as did the previous
generation, "Does anyone know what it is
like? If you do please tell me."
And as always, no answer; only the steady
movement towards the inevitable.

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