Wednesday, November 10, 2010

life's energies---integration


New modes and aspects of being prick
my pores, as if a burning field of life's
energies engulfed my core, in a fiery,
sparkling, blue aura.
And I, like a magnet to iron files, attract
these forces in subtle patterns.
Insight bombards my brain, knowledge
seeps through my frame, as residue from a
skyrocket after explosion, falling star like
through the night.
Its all movement, a swirling, spinning, blended
and mixed, simply and naturally.
Mass measures of energy are released, yet spent
without the feeling of effort. Time runs but lays
no burden.
So much to being, moment to moment.
So much to accept, moment to moment.
So much to understand, moment to moment.
Yet an order to apparent chaos.
A life time of order in confusion.


The golden faced, reclining Moon
nestling in the fleece of a generous cloud,
issued beams of golden light to capture
neighboring clouds and ignite them into
ghostly shapes, against the blue-black night.
The stars gathered up in various tinctures of
twinkle, set a magical tempo: moon, clouds,
sky, stars, dancing in perfect rhythm.
My fate was to witness this Cosmic harmony,
feel the pang of my disconnected soul, and
yearn for integration.
How far am I from reclining Moon?
How far am I from generous cloud?
How far am I from twinkling star?
How far am I from me?

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The Soul Reporter said...

You are very close to you...