Tuesday, August 30, 2016

cosmic urge

Years ago I had written a poem called, "Cosmic Urge."  Recently I have been contemplating this idea of cosmic urge.  I want to share with you the poem, and next revel the results of my current contemplation. 

              I am perpetually seeking for something that no amount of passion, food,
              wealth or power can satisfy. Does this urge of seeking satisfaction confirm my
              unexplained hunger? What is this thrust I feel that knows not quenching?
              Its seems that every attempt at satisfaction is inferior, and yet there is
             some little, unconscious glimmer of hope that there is an ultimate satisfaction. 
             Its that omnipresent urge that presses for satisfaction.  It seems an eternal cosmic
             force.  Maybe, satisfaction is reveled by surrendering to the urge and following
             its lead, like a wondering pilgrim moving towards the beckoning star, promising
             salvation, promising final liberation.

I believe that all of us have felt the force of this urge,  It shows its affect when we are inspired to do better, to win an Olympic Gold Medal, going from a 2.0 grade point  to a 3.0, moving from a business associate level, to a senior level, some of us are urged to clime Mount Everest.  What ever the urge towards our goal my be, we strive for fulfillment, and even failure may not stop our striving, so we pursue it over and over.  Once we reach the fulfillment of our urge we reap our reward, satisfaction, but we learn quickly that our satisfaction is only temporary.  We become disappointed, but we notice too that the urge remains with us.  We are compelled to keep on striving, seeking satisfaction.  It has not awakened within us, as yet, the understanding that this urge is a cosmic urge, a spiritual urge.  All the urges that emanate from our physical body are limited, meaning that what ever the satisfaction received it is only temporary, truly an unfulfilling and a disappointing life experience.  However, when the urge is directed towards the dimension of spirituality every striving is uplifted.  The whole dimension of spirituality is to grow beyond the physical, to taste something beyond the physical.

From where does this cosmic urge originate?  In my blog, "Infinite God" I wrote that within the composite that makes up our physical body there is a "god-spark" put there by the Supreme Spirit, although hidden by the physical limitations of the human body.  It is this "god-spark" that is the source of the cosmic urge.  It is the Supreme Spirit that calls us forth, urges us, to seek ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment, by acknowledging our heritage and inserting our self with our Source.      

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