Thursday, January 31, 2019

the whole world is knitted together in an absoulte web of unity and destiny.

Take time to wrap your head around the title of this blog.  The whole world is knitted together in an absolute web of unity and destiny.  The idea that unity and destiny are ultimately coupled together in a causative relationship, should come as no surprise.  However, at first glance, they seem to be contrary to one another.  The meaning of "unity" is that there is a common thread, an absolute inclusiveness, that is a connecting component to the idea of "unity."  Whereas, "destiny" seems to have a mystic, causative component surrounding it's meaning.  It is difficult for us conceptually, to blend these two ideas together.  What are the obstacles that block our ability to see the causal relationship between unity and destiny?

The obstacles are of perception, and in not being able to extend or modify our preconceived truths.  We perceive mostly, through our senses, and because of our material based encounter of our senses, our reality of our perception is based on material forms.  Thus, our reality that we live by and trust as real, are things with material bodies; objects, that we can see, feel, touch, smell, hear.  If this objective, material reality is the one and only true reality, why then aren't we humans more foundationally stable, more joyful, more united, instead of reeking of anxiety, fear, and trauma? 

The answer lies in our inability to modify our conceptual ideas.  Because we confine ourselves to objective reality, we believe we have at our command the holy grail of absolute truth.  Therefore, because we have the absolute truth at the ready, there is no longer a necessity to seek further. We have trained our mind's to dissect our material realities into physiological and psychological aspects as a support to our true reality. Then if we add our emotional energy to the mix, we have a very formidable, preconception of our foundation of reality. Now, as a final point of emphasis to our reality, we can use the famous axiom by Rene Descartes,  "I think therefore I am."  Our ability to think therefore, gives us the ability to claim our human heredity-our being.

We have therefore fixed our boundaries of life to meet our survival and competence needs, while a the same time working our lives around this field of material truth. However, we have such confidence in our fixed, material boundaries, we have neglected the need to modify and extend our preconceived truths.  For instance, let's modify Descartes's axiom, to, "You are, therefore you may think."  You are able "to be" and are therefore able to think or not think.  Thus, by modifying Descartes axiom we can change it's course by opening up a wider perspective: "I am, therefore, I can think."  We have replaced Descartes's main cause of being, not with thinking, but with being alive, and have thus advanced our scope of perception to include the cosmos, which than gives us greater possibilities to seek truth.

To those of you who are seekers, I can hear you saying, 'there seems to be a missing link that coordinates and unifies, "unity and destiny." The link lies in expanding and modifying our preconceived truths.  We must expand our boundaries, thereby opening new dimensions of our being.  As we expand our playing field of life we also unleash an inborn freedom to "just be" and feel the joy of living.  As prove of that statement, watch little children play; always moving at top speed and, always with joyous smiles and     screeches; an unbridled display of life without the accumulated mental identifications.  The Bible, according to Matt.18:3, collaborates the above prove ..."less, ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven."  Now, lets add to that proof with a quote by, Henry Thoreau, "I have always been regretting that I was not as wise as the day I was born."  But without any material identifications, who are you? Have you ever thought about that?  If you detach yourself completely from all things you have identified with, you realize yourself as the pure "I."  In that pure "I" there is no difference between you and me.  We therefore are the same, united within the Universal Nature of all beings. There is no separation of life between the macro and the micro, we are all divinely united. 

You might be asking yourselves, "What than, is the source of this universal unity?"  The Source is a "Spark of Divinity," imbedded in every practical of life; we are it, and it is us.

Now, let us turn our attention to how the web of destiny is attached to our unity.  Webster's definition of "destiny" is, "what will necessarily happen to any person or thing."  However, the definition does not tell us what energetic dynamics unfolds to create "what will necessarily happen."  The hallmark of this web of destiny is the "Spark of Divinity" manifest within all the material and the spiritual parts of our lives.  The part of Universal Nature that expresses this web of destiny is called "Karma," and it relates to the spiritual side of life.  The word "Karma" literally means doing, or making ; action.  Karma considers human beings to be the initiators of their causes and, as such directly responsible for their own causes and, directly responsible for the consequences of those causes.  Every thought, word , or deed is karmaicly tied to its initiator.  Karma is not indigenous to any specific culture.  In truth, it is more a principle or universal law than a developed philosophical doctrine.  When a human acts, he or she acts through an expenditure of his or her's native energy.  His or her's actions put into motion energy which brings forth either an instantaneous or delayed reaction, and that reaction in turn impacts his or her's immediate environment, and all Nature's in general.  In other words, Nature reacts against the impact of a human's expended native energy, and the combination of these two causative and reactive energies-of human energy acting upon Nature, and Nature's reaction against the impact of that energy-is what is called "karma."  Thus, within Universal Nature, "karma" dispenses perfect justice, and hence, perfect destiny.   There are no coincidences in life.

I will leave with a quote from a source I could not verify, but fits very well with our discussion;  "The goal and the birthright of all humanity is to realize the spiritual unity behind the diversity throughout creation and to live harmoniously as members of "one universal family."

One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good. 



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