Friday, June 21, 2019

wash your spirit clean

What makes it necessary to wash our spirit clean?  Our spirit is the eternal energy that moves all life, without which there would be no life.  Why then should we, "wash our spirit clean?"  If you haven't noticed, our earth life is one big ambiguity.  We are born on earth, and our out come, inevitably is the grave.  In between, we strive, but with an anchor of  the fear of death around our neck.  As the singer/song writer, Prince, sings, ..."In this life your are on our own."  If that wasn't enough, we are our own, destroyer, and our own savior, and with only a finite capacity of    understanding, we are let to make sense of the deepest mysteries of the Cosmos, like: What is the cause of the cosmos?  From where do we come?  Where shall we fine peace at last? What power governs the duality of pleasure and pain by which we are driven?  Many of us turn to the religious scriptures and doctrines to dispense a higher authority  for answers.   However, a reliance on religious belief has shown that great errors of doctrine and scripture have distorted their version of the truth.  "Much that is called religion has created an unconscious attitude of hostility towards life.  True religion must teach that life is filled with joys pleasant to the eye of God, and that knowledge with out action is empty.  All men must see that the teaching if religion by rules and rote is largely a hoax.  The proper teaching is recognized with ease.  You can know it with out fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you've  always known."  (I haven't found who is responsible for the above quote.)  It was Emerson who said  that to go through life depending on some eternal power to save one's soul was like running up bills on the chance of somebody else's paying them, with no thought or intention of paying them oneself.  If not from religion, you may ask, then  where are we to look for our own salvation?  Are we our own savior?

Yes, we are our own savior, with a caveat.  In order to balance out the ambiguity of our lives, we must first understand that we live in a dualistic world.  There is a materialistic aspect of our world, and a spiritual aspect of our world, and both move cyclically.  The material aspect works through an objective consciousness of reality, mostly through the five senses. Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, warned, that the senses are "bad witnesses to reality."   The Chandogya Upanishad says, "Ordinary mortals do what they are told, and get attached to anything, their country, or a piece of land.  Everything they work for, secular or religious, comes to nothing.  Only those who find out the "being" they truly are, can find freedom, here and in all worlds."  So, in order to become your own savior, the onerous is on you to pursue, and find your freedom.  This is were the spiritual aspects come into play, and so does the idea of "washing your spirit clean." 

Even though spirit is at the pinnacle of the Divine, it is for us ordinary people inaccessible.  The Divine Self is hidden in the deepest cave of the heart.  We have to build a road into the regions of consciousness where we can behold what lies there with an appropriate and sufficiently powerful organ of perception, call it a "Divine Eye."  Although the Divine Self is hidden within the nonsense and muck of our material lives, it is still viable, and waiting for us to lift that veil of ignorance, so our Divine Eye can see and feel and move into its light.  By keeping your spirit clean you can move with your Divine Eye into regions of consciousness where you can behold the Divine Light.  So, go pray upon the mountain, go pray beside the ocean, be grateful for the struggle, be thankful for the lessons, wash your spirit clean.            

                                      One truth, many paths.   Be good, do good.

                                                               Louis DiVirgilio


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