Friday, May 1, 2020

we and the cosmos

What would you think, if I ask you to explain the workings of the Cosmos in relationship to us earthlings?  Do you believe there is a connection, and if so, how are we connected? Here is the dictionary definition of the cosmos: the universe considered as a harmonious and orderly system; a nebulous definition at best, no help there.

All societies are created out of the minds and ideas of human beings.  That there should not exit a direct causative relationship between the thoughts, conduct, and ideas of human beings, and our society, would be absurd.  Add to the above reason that human beings are, in composition, microcosmic representations of the macrocosm, and that relationship should begin to crystallize with  in you the kind of relationship that exists between you and the Cosmos. The knowledge of the processes and phases that function within human beings can be applied by direct analogy to the processes and phases on a larger scale, namely our human societies, and the Cosmos.

We humans, are primarily operating on a lower, animal level of our capacities, even though, in truth our total composition is capable of operating at an extremely high level. The animals have a certain ingrained instinct for letting other animals be, but because we humans place extraordinary attention on our minds and it's thoughts, we intital our thoughts to move freely with no control, and thus strangle our higher capacities.  We become satisfied and entrenched within our lower perceptions.  These lower perceptions amalgamate into a certain stable, cliche truth, which in turn brings us a certain amount of reliable stability. We take our reality from our senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch.  Our senses are a part of our material faculties, therefore they are objective, and present a physical reality.  However, our senses receive input on a multi-dimensional field, but consciously interpret only a fractional part.  For example, physics tells us that the total known range of light waves is from far infrared at .3 nanometers. Yet the average range of light waves, visible to our vision, is from 400 to 700 nanometers.  We therefor, see only the smallest fraction of what is going on.  Since our perceptions focus on a very small fraction of the comprehensive whole, our understanding is consequently greatly limited.  Therefore, we should not give our senses much credence.

Most people, at one time or another, attempt to break through their material perceptual barriers, but fall short.  They would rather accept the easier way, and live at a substantially lower degree of consciousness, than to risk the loss of their familiar, comfortable, physical, perceptions.  They choose to chase their visible, tangible, yet illusive tail, believing that catching it will bring them promised security and ultimate happiness.

Our world, however consists of realities superimposed upon realities, from the invisible to the visible.  In effect, our world is a creative synthesis of these multiple realities, mosaically
 wrapped and networked; speck and star united within a system and process so vast, so subtle, and so intricate, as to defy accurate definition.  Yet, these are the realities in which we live, move, and have our being.

To those of us who have the desire and the courage to expand our lives, adopting fuller and more satisfying perceptions, we must connect our dominant material world with our spiritual world.  This connection is vital, for it allows us access to the spiritual aspect of our being.  It provides the necessary brake from our powerful mental barrier created by our material perceptions, and present us at last with the opportunity to live full human lives.  The encounter with our spiritual aspect causes a renewal, a rebirth. Our entire life becomes redefined. We merge our dual aspects (material and spiritual), undergoing a metamorphosis. It is only through this state of creative synthesis that we can hope to express a full human life.

One must develop their spiritual aspect alone, by summing up the enormous range of lived experiences into the raw materials necessary for its higher development.  There isn't a template to follow.  You must grope your way inch by inch.  Support and verifications are at best scarce.  However, fear, anxiety, and self-doubt are abundant.  The effort required is enormous in its constancy, taxing every pore of oneself.  Yet, aid does come when needed.  Master engineers are near to point the way.

Because of our heavy reliance on our ordinary senses for trustful maneuvering of our daily lives, most of us stop trying to expand our barriers.  Each of us is endowed with spiritual aspects.  Finding a mode of expression suitable with our true loves and affections, is our task.  On one side is 'the good,'  on the other side is the 'bad', and we are in the middle.  These two opposing forces are pitted against the other, creating a stalemate position.  One force absorbs the force of the other without relinquishing its position.  This situation is like two football players, one an offensive lineman, the other a defensive line man, whose charges are stalemated or neutralized at the line of scrimmage.  In this neutral position each is vulnerable to a third person's force.  The slightest additional force, either offensively or defensively, can tilt the favor.  Our intentions are like this third person.  Our force of affection and intention can tilt in favor of good or bad, and it is our true loves and intentions that will determine the quality of  our spiritual identity.

                                                            THE BRIDGE

                                    It spans an abyss,
                                           where siren sounds from an impetuous
                                           lure and snag curious souls.
                                   The curious become ensnared, not by
                                           to know, but by an affection for the abyss.
                                   They are captured, by their own intentions.
                                           The tantalizing, spinning, wind gently
                                           and coerces them, while filling their senses
                                           with tastes of euphoria.
                                   It whispers: "All yours.  All yours to have.
                                           Take and fill.  Take."
                                  As they succumb to their affections, the wind
                                            bends their souls until their head turns
                                            down and their feet up.
                                  Suddenly, the wind releases its hold and
                                            head long they fall into the heart of the
                                   If only the poor souls' eyes, cleared, and
                                            glimpsed the golden span within arms               
                                  If only they could have grasped it, and held
                                            fast with all their strength, instead of
                                            frolicking in self pleasure.  What a price
                                            paid for such frivolity.  Such unworthy
                                            attention.  Yet, alas! Too late.
                                  The Bridge still spans the abyss,
                                            as a humble signpost against
                                            grand illusion, and high conceit.
                                  And he need only grasp it with sincere
                                            heart, to escape the torments of mortality.

                                       One truth, many paths.  Be good, do good

                                                           Louis DiVirgilio




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