Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wasted words

Hold your tongue and listen a minute,
to the great avalanche of words enetring your ears.

Day and night, words are pumped out through mouths
in rapid-fire succession.

Where once they were used sparingly and with care,
now derelict of truth they spew out faster then a
machine gun with little care, thought, or heart.

Words, wasted as if there were an eternal supply;
mere puffs of wind, traveling the air and dying off
as smoke. But where do they disappear?

Do they reverberate through the canyons of space like
some eternal echo?

Do they gather at some cosmic point and mark their selves
on some universal,verbal ledger?

Do they completely dissolve into emptiness?

Every word and its intent imprints upon the cosmic waters.
There every curse, every boast, every syllable, every atom of
sound lives and follows its path to effect. There is no
escape; not under the deepest ocean, not atop the highest
mountain. It is your breath that breathes them out and they
will seek their effect directed by your intention.

Thunder is the voice of lighting and responds only to the bolt-
never more, never less.

What would the world be like if all humans spoke so succinctly?

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The Soul Reporter said...

This is wise poetry. I see you are getting a lot of readers. Very cool