Saturday, March 13, 2010


How many of you know someone who is perfect? The only person I know that comes the closest is Mary Poppins, and she is only, "almost nearly perfect." Perfection as a manifest quality in human nature is impossible. However, what is common among human beings is widespread imperfection. Each individual human being while conforming in general to a particular form and similar set of faculties also possess unique adaptions to these general natural outlines. So too with all things manifested in this world. Each species of plant and animal, although similar in general form and function is specifically unique as to individual expression of those general conditions of Nature. If Nature worked in an absolute perfect manner, then all areas of her manifestation would be flawless. All species would conform atom for atom, with no variations. Any watcher of Nature knows that it is not her way. Nature works imperfectly, yet her ultimate aim is perfection.

Nature is flexible. She is like good parents who give their children plenty of space in which to discover, to learn, and to develop, but aways under their watchful eyes. The ultimate aim, both with Nature and good parents is the "good" development of their children. That is the development in the light of expressing the higher principles that lie within each being and entity. However, the progress of Nature toward her ultimate goal is never by leaps and bounds, but ever so meticulous and with enormous patience, she moves forward toward full expression of the highest principles- the spark of the Kosmic Spirit within all manifested things.

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