Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Love is all we need."

"How are you going to live? You are pregnant. You and your boyfriend have no jobs," said the parent. The daughter replies, "Love is all we need." There is a humorous retort to the above statement which goes, "Love is all you need, if one of you doesn't eat."

Parents clearly understand that there are practical considerations necessary to be aware of in order for a relationship to grow and develop on a healthy track. However, beyond the practical considerations, there is the quality and expression of the kind of love the relationship is built upon. The expression, "Love is all we need," may be absolutely true, if the quality and expression of the love in that relationship is of a high quality. If in fact love is expressed by both parties in a high, unselfish quality, then this couple will succeed, because they will sustain and nurture each other, and their relationship.

This high quality of love is not fully functional merely by the passage of time, nor by keeping alive some movie fantasy, but by an unbending awareness of becoming a loving being. A diamond just mined does not instantly show its luxurious qualities. It must be refined. Just so with love. It must be honed, nurtured, and refined over time, and even that kind of constant effort does not grantee its purity. The purity and sincerity of your desire to become a loving being is the barometer that measures your love's quality. When you become a truly loving being, you will resonate with the Source of Love. This love resonance would be the greatest of achievements for a human being.

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